Lifeline Ventures Presents Maria 01 Community Breakfast: Tips for Raising Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds

# Raising Your Pre-Seed and Seed Round: Insights from Petteri Koponen of Lifeline Ventures

Are you a startup founder looking to raise your first rounds but lacking knowledge on how to do it? Join the Maria 01 Community and Investor Network Member Petteri Koponen from Lifeline Ventures for a Community Breakfast event to learn tips on approaching your next investor, what information to have ready when approaching investors, and how to properly set your valuation.

Petteri, a veteran entrepreneur who has founded five companies, including Jaiku and First Hop, and has experience as a board member for public companies like Elisa and Supercell, will share his learnings and best practices during a keynote speech followed by a Q&A session.

At Lifeline Ventures, Petteri and his team invest in Angel and Seed rounds for early-stage startups with a sector agnostic strategy and a high-risk, high-reward approach. With 120 investments in the past 12 years, Lifeline Ventures aims to invest in the very first round of startups and have had success stories like Supercell, which was originally an Angel investment.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to ask and learn from one of the leading investor members in the industry. Register now for the Community Breakfast and join like-minded startups in a morning of learning and networking.

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Welcome to enjoy breakfast together with the Maria 01 Community and like-minded startups, while getting insightful tips on how to approach raising your pre-seed and seed round.

For our first Community Breakfast, we have the honour of inviting our Investor Network Member Petteri Koponen from Lifeline Ventures up on stage. Petteri has years of experience when it comes to working with startups looking to raise their first rounds and will share his learnings and best practices. We will kick off the morning with breakfast and a keynote by Petteri, followed by a Q&A session where you’ll have the unique opportunity to ask all your burning questions to one of our leading investor members.

Expect to learn:
– How to approach your next investor
– What every startup should have ready when approaching investors (metrics and other relevant information)
– What to think about when setting your valuation

Petteri Koponen, Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures

Petteri is an experienced entrepreneur, having founded five companies, including Jaiku and First Hop. In addition to the various start-up CxO roles and board memberships, he has been the chairman of Supercell, Grand Cru, Everywear Games, and

Petteri also has experience as a board member in public companies, such as Elisa, and has worked for Google in both Mountain View and London. Currently, Petteri is the chairman of Wolt and Varjo.

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