Collaboration of Young Tigers #2 with Idinvest, La Famiglia & Octopus Ventures

### **Title: Young Tigers VC Competition: Empowering Founders and Emerging VCs in the Startup Ecosystem**


Welcome to Young Tigers, an exhilarating VC competition that flips the power dynamics of traditional pitch events. Join innovative startups, prominent investors, and rising venture capitalists as they come together to shape the future of entrepreneurship in Europe.

At The Family, we firmly believe that anyone can become a great entrepreneur. Led by Esther Delignat-Lavaud, a seasoned expert in the startup ecosystem [^1^], along with renowned industry professionals such as Bao Dinh from Idinvest [^2^], Juliette Souliman from Octopus Ventures [^3^], and Giulia Mazzolini [^4^], we strive to provide unparalleled opportunities for startups and emerging VCs alike.

Investors need founders, just as founders need to be backed by VCs. However, navigating the venture capitalist world can be intimidating for most founders and non-partners often lack visibility in this ecosystem. That’s why we created Young Tigers – a unique platform that gives young VCs a chance to showcase their investment theses, portfolios, and post-investment support strategies in front of influential founders.

The Young Tigers event features three separate rounds where emerging VCs defend their funds. Through each round, esteemed entrepreneurs Pierre Rannou from Flat and Claudette Lovencin from Fempo will share their expert insights and provide commentary on the performances. The ultimate winner is determined by the audience, who express their support by applauding.

Join us for an action-packed event that brings together the most innovative minds in the startup community. With keywords like startups, entrepreneurship, venture capitalism, fundraising, and more, this video holds valuable insights for those looking to thrive in the dynamic startup landscape [^5^]. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to witness the next generation of VCs and founders shaping the future.


[^1^] [Esther Delignat-Lavaud – LinkedIn](

[^2^] [Bao Dinh – LinkedIn](

[^3^] [Juliette Souliman – LinkedIn](

[^4^] [Giulia Mazzolini – Twitter](

[^5^] Learn more about [The Family](, [La Famiglia](, [Idinvest](, and [Octopus Ventures](

At The Family, we believe that anyone can become a great entrepreneur. Find more info here:
By Esther Delignat-Lavaud ( from La Famiglia (
Bao Dinh ( from Idinvest (
Juliette Souliman ( from Octopus Venutres (
& Giulia Mazzolini (, AAA at The Family

Investors need founders as much as founders need to be backed by VCs. The venture capitalist world is mysterious and scary to most founders, & non-partners have very little (personal) visibility in the ecosystem.

That’s why we do Young Tigers 😉
This event will flip the power balance of traditional pitch competitions and give young VCs a platform to defend their fund in front of founders!

– 3 separate rounds about their investment thesis, portfolio & post-investment support
– Between each round, two entrepreneurs will comment on their performances: Pierre Rannou from Flat & Claudette Lovencin from Fempo
– In the end, the audience selects the winner by clapping their hands!

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