LeBron James’ Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest During USC Basketball Practice: An Urgent Incident Unfolds

**Bronny James Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest During USC Practice**

**Bronny James, Son of LeBron James, Hospitalized**
Bronny James, the oldest son of NBA superstar LeBron James, was hospitalized after going into cardiac arrest while participating in a practice at the University of Southern California (USC), according to a family spokesman.

**Medical Treatment for Bronny James**
Medical staff treated 18-year-old Bronny James on site at USC’s Galen Center and then transported him to a hospital. As of Tuesday, he was in stable condition after leaving the intensive care unit.

**Privacy and Gratitude**
The James family requested respect and privacy during this time and expressed their thanks and appreciation to the USC medical and athletic staff for their dedication to the safety of their athletes.

**No Comment from USC and Los Angeles County Fire Department**
USC spokesman Jeremy Pepper declined to comment or provide additional details, citing student privacy concerns. The Los Angeles County Fire Department did not respond to a media request for comment.

**Support from Buffalo Bills Player**
Damar Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills safety who had suffered cardiac arrest during an NFL game last season, expressed support for Bronny James and his family through a tweet.

**Bronny James’ Announcement and USC Basketball**
Bronny James announced in May that he would play college basketball for USC, which is located near his father’s team, the Los Angeles Lakers. USC’s basketball team is currently holding offseason practices and preparing for a European tour next month.

**Bronny James’ Talent and Valuation**
Bronny James is an elite talent and was ranked as one of the top point guard recruits in the nation before committing to USC. With his family fame and significant social media following, his name, image, and likeness are estimated to be valued at $6.3 million.

**USC’s Strong Basketball Team**
Bronny James’ decision to stay close to home and play for USC was seen as a win for the university, as they are expected to have a compelling basketball team next season after making three consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances.

**LeBron James’ Desire to Play with Bronny**
LeBron James has expressed his desire to play a season in the NBA alongside his son, Bronny. LeBron has confirmed that he will play his 21st NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers in the fall.

**Bronny James’ Career at Sierra Canyon School**
Bronny James, also known as LeBron James Jr., was a highly sought-after college prospect while playing as a star guard at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth. His younger brother, Bryce, also played at Sierra Canyon before transferring to Campbell Hall School.

**Similar Incident with USC Basketball Player**
Bronny James’ cardiac arrest occurred just over a year after USC freshman Vincent Iwuchukwu collapsed during a practice. Iwuchukwu survived and returned to play for the Trojans later in the season after receiving medical treatment.

**Iwuchukwu’s Return to USC Basketball**
Vincent Iwuchukwu, one of the top college basketball prospects, had a battery-powered pulse generator implanted in his chest after his cardiac arrest. He made his debut for USC in January and is set to return for the upcoming season.

In summary, Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, was hospitalized after experiencing cardiac arrest during a practice at USC. He received medical treatment and is currently in stable condition. The family has requested privacy, and the USC medical and athletic staff have been thanked for their dedicated work. Bronny’s decision to play college basketball for USC was a significant one, and he is considered an elite talent in the sport. This incident comes after a similar incident involving a USC basketball player, Vincent Iwuchukwu, who also experienced cardiac arrest but made a successful return to the team.

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