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The Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Seamless Business Communication | YOCC

Are you looking to enhance your business communication and expand to new locations? Discover the power of cloud telephony solutions offered by YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre from Big V Telecom. With quick deployment and customization capabilities, our business telephony service provider ensures uninterrupted connectivity for your growing enterprise.

By utilizing cloud telephony, you can connect all your business locations through a single virtual number, allowing for easy addition of new departments or locations. No need for expensive infrastructure setup costs associated with traditional call centers. Your business can now have a professional call center without breaking the bank.

Automation is key to efficient customer care, and a business phone system operating through cloud call center software makes it possible. Even startups with limited budgets can afford a professional customer care center, paying only for usage. With cloud hosted call center software, your business will never miss a consumer call, maximizing every business opportunity. Additionally, take advantage of bulk automated voice calling and bulk SMS sending as strategic marketing tools, ensuring steady growth and increased revenues.

But that’s not all! The YOCC cloud telephony solution offers a wide range of other exciting benefits. Watch this video and visit our [YOCC website]( to learn more about revolutionizing your business telephony.

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Is your business telephone equipped to handle customer call flows in line with your expansion plans? Your business phone system is the primary direct communication channel that connects your customers with you. Missing customer calls can translate to missed business opportunities and a reduced success rate for your digital campaigns.

Setting up a call center may seem like the perfect solution, but it can be costly for SMEs. However, with YOCC – Your Own Calls’ Centre, your highly customizable and easily scalable business telephony solution, it’s definitely not an expensive endeavor. You can effortlessly customize the routing of incoming calls amongst your staff, ensuring no call goes unanswered. In case of missed calls, you will receive instant notifications with call details, ensuring missed calls do not lead to missed opportunities.

Moreover, YOCC securely stores all your call details and voice logs in a cloud-hosted database accessible through both web and mobile app interfaces. This comprehensive database provides you with insightful analytics and can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM for enhanced customer service. With YOCC, you gain complete monitoring, tracking, and control of your calls, just like a professional call center, all at a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to additional infrastructure setup or manpower recruitment.

The ultimate goal is to prioritize seamless communication for your business. Invest in YOCC’s cloud telephony solution today. Watch this video and unleash the potential of your business telephony with YOCC from Big V Telecom.

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One of the most important factors in setting up a new business or expanding your current business to new locations is ensuring seamless communication channel for uninterrupted connectivity. This can be achieved with the help of a business telephony service provider offering quick deployment and customization capabilities through cloud telephony solutions as against using traditional PBX/EPABX operated systems.

With cloud telephony companies like ours, offering services like YOCC- Your Own Calls’ Centre (, you can connect all your business locations on a single virtual number and even add a new location or a new department to it within no time. It will act as a professional call centre for your business; that too without the expensive infrastructure set-up cost that is usually associated with the term “call centre”

Having a business phone system operating through cloud call center software makes it possible for your business to automate your entire customer care process. It becomes easy for even a start-up to have its own professional customer care centre within its limited budget as they have to pay only as per usage. Further through cloud hosted call center software solutions, business can ensure they are able to attend every consumer call and not miss any business opportunity. It can also act as your outbound marketing channel with bulk automated voice calling and bulk SMS sending possibilities. Thus it also acts as your strategic marketing tool, ensuring steady growth and increased revenues.
Not just this YOCC cloud telephony solution offers you a wide range of other benefits that this and other videos on our channel will brief you about!

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