Last Chance to Nominate Exceptional Teachers for the Prestigious $1M Global Teacher Prize 2023

Spread the Word: Nominate Outstanding Teachers for the Global Teacher Prize

Are you looking for ways to recognize the teachers who have changed your life and the lives of others? If so, then you need to know about the Global Teacher Prize. This event is a yearly award presented to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession.

What Is the Global Teacher Prize?

The Global Teacher Prize is a US $1 million award given each year to a teacher who has done exemplary work. The prize seeks to acknowledge the impacts of the very best teachers – not just on their students but also on the communities around them. It reinforces the importance of educators and reminds us that their efforts deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

How Are Teachers Evaluated for the Award?

Applicants and nominees for the Global Teacher Prize will be evaluated on several criteria, including their teaching practices, innovation in addressing local challenges, achievement of demonstrable learning outcomes, impact on the community beyond the classroom, contribution to helping children become global citizens, improvement of the teaching profession, and external recognition. These criteria are all designed to ensure that the winners of the prize are truly exceptional teachers who are making a difference.

What Can You Do to Help?

Do you know a teacher who fits the criteria for the prize? If so, you can nominate them for the Global Teacher Prize by May 28th, 2023, by visiting the official website. Your support can help spread the word and encourage others to recognize the great work done by teachers around the world.

To Learn More:

If you want to learn more about the Global Teacher Prize, and how you can support this effort, visit their official website. There you can find information on the history of the prize, previous winners, and how to nominate a teacher for the award.

The Prize in Context:

The Global Teacher Prize is just one part of a larger movement to recognize and celebrate teachers around the world. By doing so, we can ensure that education remains a top priority, and that the teachers who make it all possible receive the recognition they deserve.

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