Las Vegas Authorities Report: Britney Spears Allegedly Sustained Facial Injuries

**Britney Spears Altercation in Las Vegas Results in No Charges**

No charges filed following an altercation involving pop star Britney Spears, San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama, and a member of the player’s security team, according to Las Vegas police.

**Spears’ Account of the Altercation**

Spears claimed that a security guard struck her as she approached Wembanyama near a restaurant in a Las Vegas casino complex. She stated that she was attempting to congratulate him on his success.

**Wembanyama’s Version of Events**

Wembanyama stated that someone, later identified as Spears, grabbed him from behind. He explained that security advised him not to stop for anyone, as it could cause a disturbance and lead to a crowd forming.

**Police Investigation and Findings**

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department concluded their investigation, determining that the security guard did not willfully or unlawfully use force against Spears. Surveillance footage showed that when Spears touched Wembanyama, the security guard pushed her hand away, causing her hand to inadvertently hit her face. No arrests were made, and no citations were issued.

**Spears’ Police Report**

Spears filed a police report accusing the security guard of battery for allegedly backhanding her in the face in front of a crowd, causing her glasses to fall off.

**Statements from Security Guards and Apologies**

During the investigation, police interviewed security guards for both the Spurs and Spears. Both parties acknowledged that pushing someone’s hand off their shoulder was a standard response. The security guard for the Spurs identified himself and apologized to Spears, while Spears’ security team also apologized to the guard.

**Wembanyama’s NBA Debut**

Wembanyama, the No. 1 draft pick in the NBA, was set to make his Summer League debut for the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night.

**Spears’ Reaction and Hope for an Apology**

Spears took to Twitter and Instagram to express her embarrassment about the altercation. She denied grabbing Wembanyama, stating that she only tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. She expressed hope for an apology from the team or the security guard involved.

**Different Perspectives: Security Advised Wembanyama**

Wembanyama revealed that security advised him not to stop for anyone as he entered the restaurant. He claimed that someone shouted “sir, sir” and grabbed him from behind, later discovering it was Spears. He insisted that he never turned around or saw her during the incident.

**No Charges and Associated Press Contribution**

No charges have been filed following the altercation. Journalists Ken Ritter and Rio Yamat from the Associated Press in Las Vegas contributed to the report.

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