Keynote Address by Ed Walters at the AILA 2023 Annual Conference

# **Title: The Transformation of Legal Services: Lessons from Blockbuster’s Demise**

## Description:
Welcome to the Keynote Address by Ed Walters, Chief Strategy Officer of vLex and founder of Fastcase, at the 2023 AILA Annual Conference. In this thought-provoking speech, Ed Walters explores the transformative impact of the age of artificial intelligence on the market for legal services. He draws parallels between the rise and fall of Blockbuster, a dominant incumbent, and the disruption caused by the startup, Netflix.

Explore the history of transformation and learn how studying the past can shape the future of legal services. Discover the lessons we can glean from Blockbuster’s failure to adapt and how it ultimately led to their demise. Discover the importance of embracing change during transformative times and the powerful role technology plays in reshaping markets.

Don’t miss out on this insightful keynote address that sheds light on the evolution of the legal industry. Stay informed about the latest immigration news and updates, and gain valuable insights from one of the industry’s leading experts.

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Ed Walters, Chief Strategy Officer of vLex and founder of Fastcase, delivers the Keynote Address at the 2023 AILA Annual Conference.

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