Julien Carmona partage son avis sur les résultats 2022 du Crédit Mutuel Arkéa lors d’une intervention sur BFMTV

**Title: The Success and Growth of Crédit Mutuel Archéa – A Deep Dive into the Results**

Welcome to “Good Morning Business” on BFM Business. In this episode, we will be analyzing the impressive results of Crédit Mutuel Archéa, a leading bank in France, with expert insights from Julien Carmona, President of Crédit Mutuel Archéa.

Crédit Mutuel Archéa has delivered excellent financial performance, achieving a net profit of €551 million in 2022 – its second-best historical performance. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the bank’s record-breaking commercial activity, particularly in lending. With a credit production of €20 billion and total outstanding loans exceeding €80 billion, Crédit Mutuel Archéa stands out as the French bank with the highest growth rate in credit. The average annual growth rate has been 10% since 2015, reaching 11% last year.

Despite the recent inflation and the consequent rise in interest rates initiated by the European Central Bank, Crédit Mutuel Archéa has managed to maintain its competitiveness in the market. While the abruptness of the interest rate hike poses challenges, the bank’s borrower-friendly system restricts the immediate pass-on of this increase to the customers. The gradual upward revision of the wear rate, coupled with other financial strategies, allows Crédit Mutuel Archéa to navigate this situation.

Furthermore, as a bank focused on long-term financial sustainability, Crédit Mutuel Archéa recognizes the significance of driving growth beyond mere financial gains. While other banks may perceive lending in this economic climate as unfavorable due to the increased cost of resources and interest rates, Crédit Mutuel Archéa embraces a different approach. As a cooperative and mutual bank, the institution is dedicated to supporting its clients and their projects. By providing loans and investing in the growth of its territories, Crédit Mutuel Archéa plays a crucial role in fostering economic, social, and environmental development.

Crédit Mutuel Archéa’s commitment to its mission goes beyond financial achievements. The bank has significantly expanded its workforce, creating a net increase in employment opportunities. Over the past six years, the bank has experienced a 16% growth in its workforce, increasing from 9,000 to over 11,000 employees. Notably, Crédit Mutuel Archéa recruited 1,300 employees on permanent contracts (CDI), setting a new record in 2022. While the broader French banking sector continues to witness job cuts, Crédit Mutuel Archéa takes pride in its sustained job creation, particularly in regions such as Brittany, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and other areas where the bank has decision-making centers and significant presence.

While Crédit Mutuel Archéa’s primary focus lies in financial growth and job creation, the bank remains attentive to managing risks. Its risk level is notably low, showcasing its commitment to sustainable growth and profitability. By viewing growth metrics through a holistic lens, Crédit Mutuel Archéa recognizes the importance of measuring impact and contributions to societal well-being. In its 2022 financial report, the bank introduced a groundbreaking approach, placing equal importance on financial results (€550 million) and the measurement of its positive externalities, which amount to €9.4 billion. This comprehensive evaluation allows Crédit Mutuel Archéa to gauge the positive social and economic impacts generated by its activities, in addition to acknowledging the current negative environmental impact (€1 billion) caused by emissions and releases associated with the businesses it finances. This honest and transparent disclosure serves as a testament to Crédit Mutuel Archéa’s commitment to collective urgency in addressing environmental challenges and striving for improvement.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Crédit Mutuel Archéa is engaged in negotiations with the Confédération nationale du Crédit Mutuel, an umbrella organization for various Crédit Mutuel federations, which has experienced strained relations for over a decade. For Crédit Mutuel Archéa, autonomy is a fundamental value that allows the bank to freely determine its strategic direction in Brittany, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and other regions. The ongoing discussions aim to preserve this autonomy and ensure regional decision-making positions in alignment with Crédit Mutuel Archéa’s unique model and priorities.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Crédit Mutuel Archéa’s exceptional results, future growth strategies, and commitment to societal and environmental impacts, watch the full video on BFM Business [here](authority_link).

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