Heartbreak for Escape to the Chateau Fans as Dick and Angel’s Castle Business Hangs in the Balance

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**Dick and Angel of Escape to the Chateau wrap down castle company amid Channel 4 fallout**

In this video, we discuss the latest news surrounding Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the beloved couple from Escape to the Chateau. Following a Channel 4 controversy, the couple is reportedly winding down their castle business.

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Dick and Angel Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau are reportedly winding down their Castle business due to a Channel 4 controversy. Through their show, the couple rose to fame while renovating a French Chateau to provide a £38,000 wedding service. However, after allegations of bullying the producers, Channel 4 decided to cut ties with Dick and Angel.

After requesting a voluntary strike off from the register at Companies House, it now appears that the couple has decided to wind down their business. Dick and Angel have signed the Chateau De La Mar Hassan limited application, and the dissolution process will take place within two months. As a result, all chateau events, including Garden days and tours under the stars, have been canceled.

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Since their 2015 wedding, Dick and Angel have welcomed two children into the world, and their Cinderella narrative has captured the hearts of fans. The pair’s journey of renovating the 45-bedroom Chateau de la mat Hassan has been popularized through their reality show. However, it has been confirmed that Two Rivers Media will no longer be working with Dick and Angel.

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Amidst the controversy, leaked audio tapes suggest that Angel launched a foul-mouthed rant at a producer, further fueling speculations. However, the couple has released a statement on Instagram addressing the accusations and expressing their gratitude to fans for their support.

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Dick and Angel of Escape to the Chateau wrap down castle company amid Channel 4 fallout

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  1. They didn’t have their children AFTER their wedding, they were both born two years and less than a year before their wedding. So Dick and Angel have a temper…lol jee whiz who doesn’t?! If this is all people can talk about they need to get a life. We’ll be getting news reports soon that two neighbours cats have had a cat fight. Get a grip people there’s more important issues going on in the world than this.

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