Invitation Extended by PM Modi: Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Innovators, and Investors Encouraged to Come to India

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## PM Modi Speech: Inviting Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Innovators, and Investors to India

Welcome to RTV News Network, your trusted source for reliable and unbiased news updates from across India and the world. In this video, we bring you Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest speech where he extends a warm invitation to entrepreneurs, manufacturers, innovators, and investors to explore opportunities in India.

[![PM Modi invites entrepreneurs, manufacturers, innovators, and investors to India](](

PM Modi emphasizes India’s commitment to high-quality programming and news, focusing on substance rather than sensational infotainment. This speech highlights the Indian government’s efforts to foster a conducive environment for investment, innovation, and manufacturing.

Throughout the speech, PM Modi touches upon various topics, including the India-US partnership’s role in leading the world, FDI opportunities in India, the growth of the Indian economy, and the country’s impressive forex reserves. This video provides valuable insights into India’s potential as a global business hub.

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Don’t miss out on PM Modi’s powerful speech that highlights India’s investment potential and growth opportunities. Watch now!


PM Modi Speech : PM Modi Invite Entrepreneurs, Manufacturer, Innovators And Investors To India | RTV

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