Modi Explores AI Potential: Prime Minister Addresses US Congress on Artificial Intelligence in 2023

**Title: Modi’s AI Definition Receives Standing Ovation at US Congress | PM Modi’s State Visit in America**

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a groundbreaking speech on artificial intelligence during his state visit to the United States. In this video, he captivates the audience at the US Congress, receiving a standing ovation for his profound definition of “another AI”. Witness the momentous partnership between America and India in advancing AI technology and fostering friendship. Find out more about PM Modi’s visit, his speech, and the impact of AI on the global stage.

Check out the video for exclusive coverage of PM Modi’s influential remarks and discover the latest news on Congress, BJP, and the US-India alliance.

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For more detailed information, please refer to the following authoritative sources:

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Modi’s AI | Artificial Intelligence | PM Modi in US Congress #modi #usa #india #ai #partnership
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PM Modi’s “another A.I.” definition gets standing ovation from US Congress

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered remarks to a joint meeting of Congress on Thursday. Modi was in Washington, D.C., for his state visit at the White House.

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