Navigating the Path to Success: Your Venture Lifeline – An Essential Marketing Roadmap

**[Title] JJ Richa in a Fireside Chat with Lisa Walker: Common Causes of Startup Failure and the Role of Marketing**

Welcome to this fireside chat with Lisa Walker, Vice President of Tech Coast Angels Orange County (TCA OC). In this livestream, we will dive into a crucial topic for startups – the most common causes of failure due to poor sales and marketing efforts. We’ll discuss what founders often overlook when it comes to the significant role that marketing plays in the lifecycle of startups. Additionally, we’ll explore Lisa’s goals for TCA OC and how she helps entrepreneurs successfully navigate the screening process.

– startup failure
– sales and marketing efforts
– founders
– marketing plays
– goals
– entrepreneurs
– screening process


**About the Program and How to Join the Discussion**
This hour-long program aims to provide valuable insights and guidance to our vibrant entrepreneur and startup community. We believe in supporting the ecosystem by bringing on board thought leaders, investors, serial entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers in the industry. Throughout the session, we encourage active participation from viewers like you. Feel free to ask questions or start discussions in the YouTube chat box as the conversation unfolds. Don’t wait until the end – we want to hear from you!

If you have any questions that couldn’t be addressed during the livestream, email them to [pv info](mailto:[email protected]), and we will pass them along to Lisa for her expert input.

**About Pismo Ventures and Our Mission**
Pismo Ventures is not just a venture firm, but also an accelerator and venture studio, complete with a software development arm. We are committed to helping startups thrive by offering resources, including services and funding, to our portfolio companies. Our ultimate goal is to serve as a trusted business partner to both entrepreneurs and investors, facilitating their long-term success.

**More Information about Lisa Walker and TCA OC**
Lisa Walker’s background in the high-tech community, coupled with her experience in marketing and product management, makes her a valuable asset to TCA OC. She has deep knowledge and first-hand experience in assisting startups and business owners, guiding them towards success. Lisa’s involvement with TCA OC and her dedication to supporting entrepreneurs led her to participate in our diagnostic clinic, where she helps them optimize their marketing strategies.

**Discover the Freedom of Flying**
As a side note, both JJ and Lisa share a passion for aviation. While JJ flies a Cessna 182 or 172, Lisa’s flying journey involves a different aircraft. Flying offers a unique perspective and unrivaled freedom. It allows individuals to embrace the freedom of soaring the skies and experiencing breathtaking views. From thousands of feet above, the aerial view provides a perspective that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

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JJ Richa in a fireside chat with Lisa Walker, Vice President of TCA OC. In this live stream we will have an open discussion about the most common causes of startup failure due to poor sales and marketing efforts. What do most founders miss when it comes to the major role that marketing plays in the lifecycle of startups? We will further chat with Lisa about her goals for TCA OC and her role in helping entrepreneurs in successfully navigating the screening process.

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