Interview with Borys Musielak, Founder of SMOK Ventures: Unveiling the Equity Story

**Check out the Equity Story podcast episode where Dawid D. Malinowski interviews Borys Musielak**, Founding Partner at SMOK Ventures. They discuss Borys’ journey from being a software engineer to becoming a business owner, mentor, and strategic advisor for early-stage startups. They also touch on topics like the Polish startup ecosystem, Silicon Valley, and the importance of creative chaos in entrepreneurship.

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### Episode Overview

Welcome to the latest episode of the Equity Story podcast hosted by Dawid D. Malinowski. In this episode, Dawid interviews Borys Musielak, a Founding Partner at SMOK Ventures. The conversation dives deep into Borys’ professional journey, from his beginnings as a software engineer to his current role as an investor and advisor for startups. They explore various topics including the Polish startup ecosystem, Silicon Valley, and the exciting world of game development.

### About Borys Musielak

Borys Musielak is not your typical engineer-turned-investor. As a co-founder of Reactor X and Startup Poland, he has been instrumental in supporting early-stage businesses and helping them thrive. Borys brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing inspiration from his own experiences and mentors in the industry. His journey is filled with valuable insights that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from.

### Highlights from the Interview

During the interview, Borys shares the story of his transition from being a software engineer to becoming a successful business owner and strategic advisor. He reflects on the challenges he faced during his early years in the industry and how being part of a small, young team propelled his growth. Borys also reveals how his passion for open-source software led him to launch a portal website that attracted millions of visitors and even generated revenue through ads.

### The Right Time to Venture Out

Borys discusses his decision to start his own business and the impulse behind it. He emphasizes the importance of doing what you love and following your interests. For him, it all started with his fascination for the Linux movement and his desire to contribute to it in Poland. He shares how his portal website grew into multiple websites focusing on different areas of IT, and even received acquisition offers along the way. Borys reflects on the opportunities he encountered and the lessons he learned during this early entrepreneurial journey.

### Conclusion

Don’t miss this engaging conversation between Dawid D. Malinowski and Borys Musielak as they delve into the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital. Gain valuable insights and learn from Borys’ experiences as he shares his wisdom and knowledge in the startup ecosystem.

To watch the full video or listen to the podcast episode, [click here](

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In this episode of the Equity Story, our host Dawid D. Malinowski speaks with Borys Musielak – a Founding Partner at SMOK Ventures.

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