Navigating the International Landscape from CEE: Insights from Credo Ventures and OTB

**Title: How to Go International from CEE? Insights from International Investors**


Are you a startup or scale-up based in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) looking to go global? In this video, international investors Guillaume Fournier from Credo Ventures and Marcin Hejka from OTB Ventures share their experiences and insights on the challenges and strategies of expanding internationally.


– Understand the challenges of entering the global market and when and how to do so, with a focus on the role of founders.
– Learn about fundraising opportunities beyond CEE and when you have a real chance at attracting global or US investors.
– Gain insights and advice on hiring, costs, logistics, and running a team across continents.
– Discover the importance of timing when it comes to expanding internationally.

This presentation was recorded on September 6th, 2018 in Budapest at the event “VCs in CEE – Who’s next?” organized by Absolvo.

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**Transcript (excerpt from the video):**

The region of Central and Eastern Europe is home to a rich talent pool of engineers and software programmers, rivaling even Silicon Valley. However, when it comes to technology consumption markets, CEE is at the periphery of the periphery. If you want to build a globally successful technology company, scaling here is not enough. Going global is the only way to achieve success.

At Credo Ventures, we focus on seed and Series A investments in the CEE region, but our portfolio companies are not limited to the region. We invest in companies targeting global opportunities, with uipath as our biggest success story so far. Similarly, OTB Ventures, established in 2017, invests in companies like SpaceKnow and Minut that have the potential for global impact.

Join us as we delve into the challenges and learnings of expanding internationally from the CEE region. Through real-life examples and anecdotes, we aim to provide practical insights into when and how to go international, fundraising strategies, hiring considerations, and the overall logistics of running a globally distributed team.

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– [Central European talent pool](insert URL source)
– [Redefining success in CEE](insert URL source)

How to go international from CEE? Experiences of international investors Guillaume Fournier – Credo Ventures and Marcin Hejka – OTB Ventures

– Challenges of entering global market: when and how to do that? Role of the founders
– Fundraising beyond CEE: when do you have a real chance at a global / US investor?
– Challenges and learnings: When and who to hire, Costs, Logistics, Running a team accross continents, Timing

Presentation recorded on 6th September 2018 in Budapest at the event “VCs in CEE – Who’s next?” organized by Absolvo

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