Insights from AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes on navigating the pandemic | Thought Leaders interview with Cathy Yang

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In this video, AirAsia CEO Anthony “Tony” Fernandes sits down with Cathy Yang to discuss the company’s future plans and its expansion into the digital space. Discover how this low-cost airline company successfully navigated through the challenges of the pandemic.

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*Transcript of the video:*

Tony’s here. I wake up in the morning, put my feet on the floor. I know exactly how this day is going to school [sic] for the rest of my life, guys. You’re better together, oh, the rest of our lives [Applause]. Awesome. That’s what we’re gonna be for the rest of our lives.

Anthony “Tony” Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia, is largely credited for democratizing travel and making it affordable for people to fly. Now, the company is diversifying into the digital space by creating a super app that offers on-demand services ranging from ride-hailing to flight bookings and even fintech services. Joining him is Cathy Yang, a thought leader in the Terminal 3 of the Philippines Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

In this interview, they delve into how the airline company survived the pandemic and discuss the future plans for growth and expansion. Tony shares his experience of going from a bustling office with 90 planes and billions in revenue to a complete standstill during the pandemic. He reflects on the challenges faced and the miracles that allowed AirAsia to endure such a difficult time.

Tony also expresses his excitement for being back in the Philippines and experiencing the energy and positivity of the people. He highlights the importance of culture in keeping the airline together and emphasizes the belief in the power of dreams and the ability of individuals to achieve great things.

Throughout the interview, Tony’s passion for his people and his commitment to their well-being shines through. He shares the challenges of having to make tough decisions, such as laying off employees, during the pandemic. However, he remains steadfast in his dedication to saving the airline, bringing everyone back, and even expanding the team through recruitment.

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AirAsia CEO Anthony “Tony” Fernandes joins Cathy Yang to discuss the company’s future plans and its expansion into the digital space. How did the low-cost airline company survive the pandemic?

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