Caesareum Completed: The Legacy of a Queen – Mission 4: Cleopatra’s Capital in the Pharaoh’s New Era (Hard)

**Title: Pharaoh: A New Era – City Builder Set in Ancient Egypt**

Welcome back to Pharaoh: A New Era, a city builder set in ancient Egypt. In this video, we continue the campaign with two missions left. Our goal is to expand the glory of Alexandria, a magnificent city founded by Alexander the Great.

As Cleopatra VII, you have returned home to Alexandria after the dramatic showdown between rival Roman factions. Now, it’s time to construct the expansive Caesarean in honor of your former lover and young son. Additionally, you must build another Mausoleum to ensure your successful passage into the afterlife.

In this gameplay, we focus on stabilizing the economy and improving production. We strategically plan industrial areas, prioritize food production, and establish trade routes for resources such as papyrus and pottery. Join us as we shape and enrich the beauty of Alexandria, a city that continues to attract scholars and seafarers.

Keep watching to see how we handle challenges, manage resources, and strive for success in this city-building adventure set in ancient Egypt!

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Pharaoh : A New Era -city builder set in ancient Egypt

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