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In this video, business tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan joins Cathy Yang as they discuss the future of Philippine sports. They also delve into the ins and outs of the business world.

With keywords/tags like “one news” and “news philippines,” this conversation provides valuable insights into the world of sports and business in the Philippines.

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This video is a conversation between Manuel V. Pangilinan and Cathy Yang about the future of Philippine sports and the business world. They discuss the recent successes of Philippine sports teams, such as the Reclamation campaign of Gilas at the Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia.

Manuel V. Pangilinan expresses his relief and happiness for Gilas, despite their initial defeat to Cambodia. He explains the emotions he felt and how the team’s victory was a tremendous job. He also discusses the importance of regulations and rules in sports competitions like the Southeast Asian Games.

The video also explores the challenges of balancing sports involvement with running billion-peso conglomerates. Manuel V. Pangilinan shares the deep emotional sentiments he has for Philippine sports, particularly when representing the country internationally.

Additionally, the conversation highlights the recent achievements of Philippine sports, including the 2023 3×3 Grand Slam, the 2023 PBA Governor’s Cup, and the 2023 PBA Esports championships. Manuel V. Pangilinan congratulates the players and emphasizes the country’s aspiration to become a significant sports nation.

In conclusion, this video provides valuable insights into the future of Philippine sports and the complexities of combining sports patronage with business leadership.

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Business tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan joins Cathy Yang as they weigh in the future of the Philippine sports. MVP also talks the ins and outs of the business world.

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