Insights for Employers: Hiring the Next Generation in Just 3 Minutes | April 10th, 2023

# Next Generation of Employees and the Workplace Environment

Are you curious about what the next generation of employees is looking for in a workplace environment? Look no further! In this *Business Journal* video, Michael Palm, career counselor for the ESC of Eastern Ohio, discusses the evolving expectations and needs of upcoming graduates.

Palm highlights the importance for employers to recognize the potential of the local school districts as a source of talented employees. While many companies may prefer experienced workers, Palm emphasizes that these students will be ready to enter the job market in the next several years.

**What Do Employers Need to Know?**

Palm emphasizes the desire of students to work in a clean, safe, and engaging environment. Students are interested in hands-on and technical experiences, such as robotics and 3D printing, which are often available in school districts. Employers need to showcase their “wow factors” and demonstrate the exciting opportunities they offer to attract these future employees.

**The Job Climate and Expectations**

According to Palm, employers are not necessarily seeking highly skilled workers. Instead, they value employees who show up on time, have a willingness to learn, and demonstrate respect. Students, on the other hand, prioritize fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a healthy work-life balance.

**Connecting Schools and Businesses**

To bridge the gap between schools and businesses, Palm suggests reaching out to directors like Sandy Ferrano from the local ESC or the Business Advisory Council (BAC). The BAC, consisting of nearly 95 members, plays a crucial role in connecting companies with students through career fairs and other events. By engaging with students early on, businesses can create a pipeline for future employment opportunities.

Are you intrigued by the potential of the next generation of employees? Watch this *Business Journal* video to gain valuable insights from Michael Palm and discover how employers can tap into this emerging talent pool.

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*Source: [Transcript of the Video](*

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio– In this excerpt from our Tuesday Sit Down, Michael Palm, career counselor for the ESC of Eastern Ohio, discusses what the next generation of employees is looking for in a workplace environment and why employers should be hiring from the upcoming pool of employees getting ready to graduate high school.

“I know most companies are going to want that veteran guy,” says Palm. “But, I think it’s important that these companies also need to figure out that there’s a whole pool of employees sitting in local school districts that might not be ready right now but in the next several years they’re going to be.”

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