“Indulge in Luxury: Treat Yourself to the World’s Priciest Frozen Delight at $6,400 per Scoop of Ice Cream”

Japanese Company Sells World’s Priciest Ice Cream

Cellato, a luxurious ice cream maker, has broken the Guinness World Record by creating the world’s most expensive ice cream. The newest masterpiece, Byakuya, costs a whopping 880,000 yen or $6,350 per serving. This puts it well outside the reach of most people, with the average cost for a scoop of ice cream in the United States being $3.87. The ingredients used in the creation of the Byakuya ice cream are high-end, which includes rare white truffles from Alba, Italy, gold leaf, sake lees, and parmigiano cheese, creating a complex flavor.

Expensive Ingredients

The Phantom White Truffles sourced from Alba, Italy, alone costs an exorbitant amount of 2 million yen or $14,439 per kilogram. The company describes the Byakuya ice cream as “rich and mellow with a sensual and unique scent” while the price tag includes a hand-crafted metal spoon made by Takeuchi craftsmen in Fushimi, Kyoto.

Development and Design Process

It took the Cellato team a year and a half to develop the Byakuya recipe. The team had to conduct many trials and errors to perfect the ice cream’s complex flavor. According to Cellato, its ice creams are inspired by nature with a mission to “make even the cells happy.” Aside from the Byakuya, the company also makes a “starry night” flavor gelato that incorporates black truffles, chocolate, and yuzu into the product, valued at $72 per serving.


– Luxurious Recipe
– Expensive Price Tag
– Guinness World Record Holder
– High-End Ingredients
– Development and Design Process


Cellato has made a name for itself in the ice cream market by creating the world’s most expensive ice cream. The Byakuya ice cream is priced well outside the range of most people, but it has certainly caught the attention of many foodies worldwide. The exquisite mix of high-end ingredients creates a luxurious and complex flavor, which took the development team a year and a half to perfect. The company’s commitment to crafting unique ice creams inspired by nature is a testament to its mission to make even the cells happy.

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