“Human Trials Approved for Elon Musk’s Revolutionary Neuralink Brain Chip Startup”

Neuralink Receives FDA Approval for First In-Human Clinical Trial

Elon Musk’s brain chip startup, Neuralink, has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its first in-human clinical trial, a significant milestone for the company. The technology involves implanting tiny chips inside people’s skulls to relay electrical signals from the brain to a computer. Musk sees this as a potential solution for paralysis, and the approval brings the company closer to achieving its ambitions.

FDA Approval for Neuralink

Neuralink announced the FDA’s approval on 25th May 2023 via a tweet, stating it as an important first step that will one day allow their technology to help many people. Neuralink did not disclose the nature of FDA approval or when the clinical trial would begin, stating only that the recruitment is not yet open. The company promised to reveal more information soon.

Neuralink Competitors

However, Neuralink is playing catch-up with competitors. Synchron, a rival company, was granted approval for a similar trial in 2021. The competition in the market is scarcely surprising given the potential benefits of these brain chips to humanity.

Musk’s Vision of Neuralink Technology

Musk introduced Neuralink technology to the public in a live-streamed event in 2020. During the event, he showcased pigs with implanted brain chips walking on a treadmill and moving around in a pen. The wireless data collected from the chips represents the firing of neurons in the pig’s brain. Musk demonstrated how the information could predict the pigs’ joints’ position.

Behind the Scenes at Neuralink

For all the fanfare, Musk’s company has faced challenges behind the scenes. Executive departures and disagreements have complicated Neuralink’s operations, according to earlier Fortune reporting. However, the FDA’s approval for the first in-human clinical trial signifies that the company has made progress despite challenges.


Neuralink’s first in-human clinical trial approval by the FDA marks a crucial step for Musk’s company. Although the nature of the approval remains undisclosed, the company’s vision of introducing technology that can potentially help paralyzed people has come one step closer to reality. With competitors in the market, Neuralink may face challenges, but progress towards achieving their ambitious goals is evident.

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