Here’s a possible rewrite: “SpaceX Adds Teenage Prodigy to Software Engineering Team”

14-Year-Old Child Prodigy Graduates 8 Years Early, Joins SpaceX

Kairan Quazi, a 14-year-old child prodigy who graduated college eight years early, is joining SpaceX, Elon Musk’s aerospace company, as a software engineer on the firm’s Starlink team. Quazi is graduating from Santa Clara University later this week, becoming the youngest graduate in the institution’s 172-year history. In a LinkedIn post, Quazi stated that he would be relocating to Washington state with his mother to work at the “coolest company on the planet,” SpaceX.

Impressive Qualifications of Kairan Quazi

Quazi has an extraordinary academic background. Remarkably, he started attending Las Positas community college in California when he was just 10 years old. Intel Labs signed Quazi as an A.I. research co-op fellow when he was the same age. He transferred to SCU by the age of 11, where he focused his education on computer science and engineering. Quazi attributes his Intel internship as the turning point that put him on his career path, and he thanked the company’s director of intelligent systems research lab, Lama Nachman, for giving him an opportunity at such a young age.

Challenges Faced by Kairan Quazi

Despite his achievements, Quazi faced considerable difficulty finding a job. Before securing a position with SpaceX, he reportedly applied for dozens of jobs, out of which he was left with 95 rejections and three full-time job offers. His academic advisor told the Mercury News that Quazi found it hard to be taken seriously due to his youth.

Moving Forward with SpaceX

Quazi credits SpaceX recruiter Colin Crompton for helping him realize that he had “found his people.” He wrote in his LinkedIn post that he is packing his rain boots and ready to start working at SpaceX in July. He praised the company for not using his age as an arbitrary and outdated proxy for maturity and ability, and expressed his excitement about embarking on this new chapter of his life.


Kairan Quazi is an exceptional child prodigy who is joining SpaceX at the age of 14, becoming the youngest graduate in SCU’s history. He has an impressive academic record, having attended college at the age of ten and worked as an A.I. research co-op fellow at Intel Labs. Despite facing numerous rejections, he has ultimately landed a job at Elon Musk’s aerospace company. Quazi looks forward to working with SpaceX’s Starlink team and pursuing his passion for computer science and engineering.

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