HBS Withdraws Articles by Renowned Integrity Expert over Manipulated Data

**Fake Data Scandal Rocks the World of Behavioral Science: Accusations Against Harvard Professor Francesca Gino**

A Harvard professor and expert on dishonesty, Francesca Gino, has recently been accused of manipulating data, resulting in a fake data scandal that is shaking the world of behavioral science. Mentioned in the Financial Times, Psychological Sciences, an academic journal, withdrew two papers authored by Gino at Harvard University’s request. These retractions are the first official acknowledgment of the allegations against Gino, which were initially raised last month. The papers retracted by Psychological Science, titled “Evil Genius? How Dishonesty Can Lead to Greater Creativity” and “The Moral Virtue of Authenticity: How Inauthenticity Produces Feelings of Immorality and Impurity,” were subject to scrutiny by the blog Data Colada, which analyzes the reliability of data in the social sciences. Another study authored by Gino and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology is also being retracted due to fraud accusations.

**Accusations and Early Warning Signs**

The fraud accusations against Gino were brought to the public’s attention in mid-June, when the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that one of her studies, which had already been retracted due to data concerns, had further flaws. Data Colada later disclosed that they had raised concerns about Gino’s work to Harvard Business School as early as fall 2021 and suggested that there might be more dubious papers out there. Gino has been on administrative leave from Harvard Business School since at least June 15th, according to archived versions of the school’s website. However, the Harvard Business Review website continued to publish her work as late as May 25th. Harvard Business School and Gino have yet to respond to requests for comment. Gino herself acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations in a LinkedIn post last month.

**Who is Francesca Gino?**

Francesca Gino was a renowned expert in workplace dynamics, leadership, and honesty within the field of behavioral science. Her recent book, titled “Rebel Talent: Why it Pays to Break the Rules in Work and Life,” was published in 2018 and gained significant attention from fellow researchers and the media. Gino collaborated with numerous scholars and was widely cited in her field. However, there were already concerns about the integrity of her data as far back as 2021 when a study she co-authored in 2012 was retracted due to manipulated data. At the time, Gino expressed trust in her co-authors to provide accurate and diligently collected data.

**The Replication Crisis**

The fake data scandal surrounding Gino emphasizes existing concerns about the replication crisis in behavioral science. This crisis refers to the failure of researchers to reproduce the results of high-profile studies, casting doubt on the reliability of the data. Often, behavioral science research claims that small changes in design or the environment can significantly influence an individual’s behavior. However, further studies have shown that the effects of these so-called “nudges” might not be as substantial as originally claimed. In a replication effort in 2015, only 39 out of 100 psychology papers were successfully reproduced, highlighting the challenges in replicating scientific findings. The pressure to publish groundbreaking papers quickly and the lack of prestige and funding for reproducing someone else’s work are cited as contributing factors to the rise of low-quality research.

In conclusion, the allegations against Harvard professor Francesca Gino have sparked a fake data scandal in the world of behavioral science. The retractions of her papers and the ongoing investigations shine a light on potential data manipulation and raise concerns about the replication crisis in the field. The impact of these revelations goes beyond Gino’s individual work, calling into question the reliability and integrity of research in behavioral science.

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