Hasbro Division Implements AI Art Ban, Displeasing D&D Enthusiasts

**Dungeons & Dragons Refuses to Allow AI-Generated Art in Franchise**

The popular role-playing game franchise, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), has made a decision to prohibit the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in creating artwork for its cast of characters and scenery. D&D is known for its imaginative and fantastical art, but some fans were left questioning the authenticity of one particular piece featuring an ax-wielding giant. Social media buzz surrounding the artwork prompted D&D Beyond, a subsidiary of Hasbro-owned Wizards of the Coast, to address the issue and clarify their rules regarding AI-generated art.

**Revising Artistic Guidelines to Exclude AI**

D&D Beyond recently discovered that one of their long-time illustrators had used AI to create commissioned artwork for an upcoming book. After learning about this, the franchise immediately took action and stated that the artist will no longer be permitted to use AI in any artwork for Wizards of the Coast. They are currently revising their process and updating their artist guidelines to explicitly prohibit the use of AI art generation in the development of D&D’s artwork.

**Fans’ Scrutiny Leads to Revelation**

The rise of AI-generated art has brought new challenges to creative industries, including concerns about copyright and labor issues. In the case of D&D, fans noticed telltale glitches in the AI-generated artwork, such as distorted limbs, which led them to question its authenticity. The franchise’s response emphasized their commitment to maintaining a human touch in their artwork and ensuring that it aligns with their artistic vision.

**The Silence of Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast**

Despite requests for further comments, both Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have remained silent regarding this matter. Hasbro acquired D&D Beyond for $146.3 million last year, and they have owned Wizards of the Coast for over two decades. The lack of response may indicate that the decision is in alignment with the values and principles of the franchise.

**Controversial AI Artwork in “Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants”**

The specific artwork that sparked this discussion is featured in an upcoming hardcover book called “Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants.” The book provides descriptions and lore about various monsters and is scheduled for release on August 15th. Customers can purchase both the digital and physical versions of the book for $59.95 via the D&D website.

**AI’s Impact on Creative Work and Industries**

The use of AI tools in creative work has raised significant concerns within various industries, including copyright infringement and labor implications. These concerns have even led to strikes and protocol revisions in the music and entertainment sectors. Visual artists have also taken legal action against AI companies for using their work without consent to create image-generating platforms accessible to anyone.

**Mattel’s AI Experiment with Hot Wheels**

In a different context, Mattel, a competitor of Hasbro, has used AI-generated images to assist in developing ideas for new Hot Wheels toy cars. However, it remains unclear whether this implementation of AI art was simply an experimental endeavor for Mattel.

In conclusion, Dungeons & Dragons has made a firm decision to exclude AI-generated art from its franchise. D&D Beyond, the subsidiary responsible for companion content, has taken action to ensure that their artistic guidelines explicitly forbid the use of AI in art creation. The controversy surrounding the AI-generated artwork in “Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants” demonstrates the significance of maintaining authenticity and the human touch in creative endeavors. The concerns raised by AI art impact various industries and have prompted discussions about copyright and labor issues. While Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have not provided further comments, their support of D&D Beyond’s decision suggests a unified approach within the franchise.

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