From Terrible to Terrific, the history of my FLL Robots

# My FLL Robots: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I’m back with another video, and this time I’m showcasing my FIRST Lego League robots! From the good to the bad and the downright ugly, you’ll get an inside look at the robots that my team and I have built over the years.

But before we dive into the robots themselves, I want to share a little story about a visit my family took to The Visitor Center for Deca. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Deca is the company that Dean Kamen founded. At the visitor center, we had the opportunity to see some of Dean’s incredible inventions and learn more about FIRST. And as luck would have it, our first robot even made an appearance at the museum!

Now, on to the robots!

## Meet Moldy Bananas

In our first year of FLL, we built a robot we affectionately named “Moldy Bananas.” While it may not have been the most advanced robot out there, it was a good first-year machine that carried us to third place in our regional competition. It may have lacked sensors, but we made up for it with creativity and ingenuity.

## The Dream Machine

Our second robot, the Dream Machine, was a game-changer. This was the first time our team used sensors, and we utilized a gyro sensor in the heart of the robot. The Dream Machine was incredibly reliable and durable, built mostly out of H and O frames. We loved this robot and had high hopes for it at the state competition, but unfortunately, its lack of sensors ultimately led to our defeat.

## Nightmare

Our third robot, Nightmare, was aptly named for its powerful capabilities. We added a color sensor to this robot and used it to knock down the blue cube in the shared mission. It was structurally weaker than the Dream Machine, but it was still a very good robot and a step up for us.

## The Beast

Last but not least, we have The Beast. This robot was incredibly heavy, weighing down with old Lego boat sets and weighted bricks. But it was also the smartest robot our team ever built, utilizing all four sensor ports on the EV3. The ultrasonic sensor was particularly useful in the train mission, and we also used two color sensors for added versatility. The gyro sensor was, of course, our go-to for precision.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with my FLL robots! Good luck to all the other FLL teams out there this season and beyond.

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This video is all about my FLL robots! Some of them are good! Some of them are bad! And more than a few are ugly, as well! Enjoy watching!

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