Founder Adam Neumann elucidates the rationale behind Marc Andreessen’s impressive $350 million investment in Flow, his innovative venture resembling WeWork.

**WeWork Founder Adam Neumann Launches New Real Estate Company: Flow**

Adam Neumann, the founder of WeWork, has returned to the real estate industry with his new venture called Flow. The company aims to transform residential spaces into workspaces. Flow has already secured $350 million in funding from billionaire Marc Andreessen’s a16z. Neumann recently discussed his plans for the new venture at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference. Despite the controversy surrounding WeWork and Neumann’s departure, he is determined to apply the lessons learned from his past experiences. In an interview with Fortune, Neumann highlighted the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people and being a good listener.

**Lessons Learned from WeWork**
Reflecting on his time at WeWork, Neumann expressed pride in the company’s achievements. He emphasized its global presence and the impact it has had on the office space industry. However, Neumann acknowledged that there were lessons to be learned. One key lesson was the importance of surrounding oneself with not only intelligent individuals but also those who are comfortable providing honest feedback. Neumann recognized the need to empower others to speak their minds, even when their opinions differ. Another crucial lesson was the value of being a good listener, particularly when faced with difficult truths. Neumann discovered this during his time as an investor, where he experienced frustration when entrepreneurs disregarded his advice. He realized that being receptive to uncomfortable feedback is essential for success.

**The Role of Investors and Neumann’s Exit Package**
When asked about the role of investors and his controversial exit package, Neumann refrained from dwelling on the past. He acknowledged that external parties never truly understand internal dynamics. Neumann believes that few companies can truly disrupt and reinvent entire industries, making WeWork’s accomplishments a source of pride. He avoided criticizing his investors, preferring to focus on the company’s achievements.

**Non-Compete Agreement and the Future of Flow**
Neumann’s exit package included a non-compete agreement that expires on October 30th of this year. When questioned about potential competition with WeWork, Neumann explained that Flow is a residential brand focused on consumers. The company aims to provide an elevated living experience by integrating technology, community, and a dedicated operating team. With 66% of young adults in the US being renters, and spending a significant portion of their income on rent, Flow aims to fill the gap in the market by offering a unique and cohesive living and working environment. Neumann sees Flow as the new “one place” where individuals can seamlessly merge their personal and professional lives.

Adam Neumann’s new venture, Flow, aims to revolutionize the residential real estate industry by turning homes into workspaces. Despite the challenges faced during his tenure at WeWork, Neumann has learned valuable lessons and is determined to apply them to his new venture. Surrounding oneself with the right people, being receptive to honest feedback, and embracing uncomfortable truths are all essential qualities for success in entrepreneurship. As the non-compete agreement with WeWork expires, Neumann’s Flow is poised to enter the market with a fresh approach to residential living and working spaces.

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