First-time Startup Founder: Our Journey of Closing Pre-Seed Round and Raising a Whopping $1 Million!

# Raising a Pre-Seed Round for Female-Founded Startup, Rella: Everything You Need to Know

In this video, Natalie Barbu shares her journey of raising a pre-seed round for Rella, a female-founded startup. With only 2% of female founders being venture-backed, this is a significant achievement that Natalie is proud to share. She discusses the process of raising capital, the common questions she received throughout the journey, and offers invaluable tips on fundraising for startups.

If you’re a founder going through the same process, this video can provide hope and inspiration. Natalie’s candid sharing of her experience, including the challenges and rejections she faced, can also serve as a guide for your own fundraising journey.

Natalie thanks Squarespace for partnering with her to build Rella’s website, highlighting the value of having a digital presence for startups. She also shares an exclusive discount code for Squarespace and links to Rella’s website and social media accounts.

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– [Female Founders Fund](
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This might be the most exciting video I’ve had a privilege of recording in 2022! We closed our pre-seed round for Rella (!!) With only 2% of female founders being venture backed, I find this a bit more exciting. I am so proud of our team. Join us on your journey. And thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Get 10% off your first purchase using code NATALIEBARBU or go to

Podcast episode for my journey raising capital:

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  1. Hey Natalie, I had much fun listening to you, and it was helpful as well. Thank you! We are building a marketplace, and we are in a very early stage. I wonder if you needed a business plan for raising the money or if your pitch deck was enough? I would appreciate for the answer

  2. Congrats on the huge milestone 🎊

    Think a cool follow up to this video would be introducing the team along with the actual pitch you gave to investors.
    I can relate to the mental challenges, especially when doubt starts to creep in. Making it this far proves that you have what it takes to come out on top.
    Keep your head up, don't let the crown tilt.

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