EU-Startups Podcast: Dr. Fiona Pathiraja (Crista Galli Ventures) Interviewed in Episode 28

**Title: Dr. Fiona Pathiraja on Driving Healthcare Innovation Through VC Funding**


In this episode of the EU Startups Podcast, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Fiona Pathiraja, founder and Managing Partner of the VC firm Crista Galli Ventures. Dr. Fiona is a healthcare expert with over 15 years of experience working as an NHS consultant before turning to investing.

At CGV, Dr. Fiona uses her extensive background in healthcare to invest in innovative seed and series A European health tech startups with a focus on improving the sector for everyone. The fund has an impressive pan-European portfolio of health tech startups and is working hard to tackle the issue of diversity in VC.

Dr. Fiona tells her inspiring story about wanting to make a change in healthcare and realizing that VC is a way to help shape that future at scale by backing incredible founders. She also highlights the importance of having healthcare experts like herself involved in making investment decisions.

At CGV, the aim is to shape the future of healthcare as a tech-enabled future with empowered patients using these solutions to have a healthier and better life. With deep networks into healthcare and investment circles in Europe, UK, and the US, CGV leverages these networks to help their startups grow and scale across Europe and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more tech-enabled healthcare solutions and has brought about a shift in how patients and doctors view these solutions. Dr. Fiona sees this as a real opportunity for step change in health tech.

To stand up to the challenge of recovering from the pandemic and dealing with its fallout, Dr. Fiona believes that healthcare needs to continue leveraging technology to further advance the sector.

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Today we interviewed Dr. Fiona Pathiraja, founder and Managing Partner of the VC firm Crista Galli Ventures.

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