“Explosive scandal rocks Texas Attorney General’s office: Prominent Austin real estate developer arrested”

Texas Attorney General’s Impeachment Scandal: Nate Paul Arrested by FBI

The FBI arrested Nate Paul on Thursday, a businessman at the heart of the scandal that led to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s historic impeachment. It is unclear what charges led to his arrest, but Paul is being held on a federal detainer for an unknown felony. Following a years-long federal investigation into Paul, Paxton’s office became involved, and this chain of events resulted in his impeachment. The charges that Paxton used his influence to help Paul with allegations of bribery and abuse of his office sparked an FBI investigation that prompted articles of impeachment by the GOP-led state House of Representatives.

FBI Investigation into Paul’s Real Estate Empire

FBI agents investigated Paul’s Austin real estate empire in 2019. In the same year, Paxton’s top deputies reported Paxton to the FBI on allegations of bribery and abusing his office to assist Paul. The FBI investigation into these allegations is still ongoing. Paul employed a woman with whom Paxton had an extramarital affair, and he has denied bribery charges.

Details of the Bank Statement Presented

Paxton’s recent defense uncovered a 2020 wire transfer of over $120,000 to Cupertino Builders, purportedly paid by Paxton. On the same day, Paxton’s deputies sent a letter to the head of human resources at the Texas attorney general’s office, informing them that they reported Paxton to the FBI. The company, which was formed in Delaware the same year, did not incorporate as a business in Texas until three weeks after the transaction. A court-appointed overseer for some of Paul companies wrote a report alleging Cupertino Builders was used for fraudulent transfers, leading to Paul being arrested.

Paxton Impeachment

Among the 20 charges of impeachment, Paxton faced accusations of abusing his office’s power to assist Paul over unproven claims involving a $200 million conspiracy to steal developer properties. Paxton described the situation as politically motivated and rushed. Paxton’s ordeal will head to the Texas Senate where a trial will take place no later than August 28, and he remains temporarily suspended from office.


Charges surrounding Texan AG Ken Paxton’s impeachment continue as FBI agents arrest Nate Paul, a businessman central to the scandal, on an unknown felony. The FBI’s investigation into Paul’s real estate empire remains ongoing. Paxton’s recent defense uncovered a wire transfer payment by Paxton to Cupertino Builders on the same day his top deputies reported Paxton to the FBI. Paul’s arrest is likely to lead to further developments in Paxton’s impeachment case.

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