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Summer Hydration: How to Keep Your Body Fueled with Water

Staying hydrated is a challenge, especially during the hot and long days of summer. It’s easy to forget about the water bottle you filled with ice earlier as you spend your days in the pool or sipping martinis in your backyard. But did you know that proper hydration is doubly important on the muggiest of days? Dietitians advise that drinking enough water is essential for good health all year round and not just during summertime. This article will provide you with some valuable tips on how to stay hydrated during the summer months.

The Importance of Proper Hydration

Hydration is vital for proper body function. Our bodies need water to transport nutrients throughout the body, maintain healthy digestion, and remove waste properly. Also, every organ, cell, and tissue in our bodies needs water to function properly. As per The National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, women require about 91 ounces of water daily, while men need 125 ounces.

Why Hydrating Can Be Difficult

One of the main reasons why summer hydration is challenging is the rise in temperature during the summer months. The heat causes us to sweat, and as we sweat, we lose electrolytes like sodium and water. If we are exercising, we’re losing even more fluids. Another reason that we struggle with hydration during summer is because schedules tend to be more hectic, and we may forget to drink enough water.

Tips for Staying Hydrated During Summer

1. Add Flavor

There are many ways to liven up your water if it’s too plain. You can add a splash of 100% fruit juice to your water or use frozen fruits instead of ice cubes. You can also freeze bite-sized portions of your favorite fruits and add them to your water. Adding slices of fresh lime, orange, cucumber, or lemon to your water can help you stay hydrated. You can also sip on cold herbal teas to hydrate yourself.

2. Determine Your Preferred Temperature for Water

If cold water makes you uncomfortable, try water at room temperature. That way, you’ll be able to drink the entire glass, and it’ll be more enjoyable.

3. Put a Water Bottle in Every Room

Strategically place water bottles in every room so that you always have hydration within your reach. If you’re headed outside, always bring your own water bottle in case there aren’t any water fountains nearby.

4. Eat Your Water

Fruits such as pineapples, watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, and grapes are highly hydrating. They nourish you and also support your digestion, heart health, and immune system. Eat these fruits as snacks during the day, or freeze them and make smoothies.

5. Set Alarms for Drinking Water

If you have difficulty drinking enough water, set a timer on your phone to remind you every hour or every 30 minutes. Over time, this will become a habit, and you’ll no longer need reminders.

Stay Cool, Stay Hydrated

Summer can be a fun season, but it’s also easy to lose track of your water intake. With these tips, you can keep your body hydrated and healthy while enjoying all that summer has to offer. Remember, staying hydrated is not just for summer; it’s essential to maintain optimal health throughout the year.

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