“European Growth Capital: An Expanding Scene to Keep an Eye On” – Jean Schmitt, Jolt Capital

**Title**: European Growth Scene and Investment Opportunities | Jean Schmitt


Are you curious about the development of the European growth scene and the investment opportunities it offers? Join Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner at Jolt Capital, as he explores some of the most exciting investment themes in the tech growth space.

In this video, Jean Schmitt shares valuable insights on the growth of private equity in Europe, particularly in the technology sector. Discover why growth is still a small portion of private equity and venture capital in Europe and how it compares to other asset classes.

As the European growth scene continues to expand rapidly, Schmitt discusses the areas where Europe is leading the way. He emphasizes the immense potential in European technology companies that are in the revenue range of 15 to 100 million euros. These companies are thriving but struggling to find capital for further growth.

Furthermore, Schmitt addresses the impact of the ongoing pandemic on the business landscape. He highlights the importance of focusing on Asia as a more resilient market and suggests considering growth companies in health-related sectors and cybersecurity.

Looking towards the future, Schmitt predicts exciting advancements in domains such as nano optics and nanotechnologies. These emerging fields are set to shape entire industries and offer vast investment opportunities. Additionally, he reveals upcoming changes in the use of biocompatible materials that will transform various sectors, including the plastic industry.

If you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve and exploring the significant growth potential in Europe, this video is a must-watch. Gain expert insights from Jean Schmitt and uncover the investment themes that are shaping the European growth scene.

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How is the European growth scene developing, and which areas of investment opportunity is Europe leading the world in? Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner at Jolt Capital, explores some of the most exciting investment themes that he’s seeing in the the tech growth space.

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