Escape to the Serenity of the Vast Ocean 🌊🦈 [Raft] ~ 5/30/2023 ❁ TWITCH VODS

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Welcome to my channel! In this video, I play the popular survival game Raft. Join me as I navigate through the ocean and try to survive against all odds.

– 0:00 – Introduction
– 5:56 – Stream starts!
– 21:32 – Exciting gameplay!

Please note that the background music has been removed from this video to avoid any copyright issues or muted audio. Thank you for understanding and enjoy the content!

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If you enjoy watching gameplays, twitch streams, and virtual avatars, then this video is for you! Join me in the thrilling world of survival as I encounter sharks, unravel the story, and overcome the challenges of the game. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure and be sure to hit that play button now!

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❁ Original Stream: 5/30/2023 (Twitch) –

just a lil raft fo today

0:00 intro
5:56 stream start!
21:32 gameplay!

My VODs are BYOBGM (Bring Your Own Background Music). I cut my music track out of my VODs to avoid copyright/muted audio. Thank you for understanding & enjoy!


#VTuber #ENVTuber #GingerKitsu #UniVirtuals #KitsuClips #Foxgirl #Kitsune #AnimeGirl #Twitch


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One Comment

  1. Avast ye lentiginous brine weasel! T'was a fine and comfy stream, this one was. And I've still not completely abandoned the multi-tab scheme, by thunder! Mayhaps Neil will be more slack in keeping watch for shenanigans than that hateful wench Susan… We'll see.

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