Taurus LT: The Captain’s Academy

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Welcome to the Phoenix Starworks Academy! In today’s episode, we will explore the various upgrade options for the Phoenix Starworks Taurus LT capital vessel. This ship is designed to support your journey from early game to mid and late-game settings, offering versatility and functionality. Join me as we dive into the available upgrades and configurations!

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Hello pilots and captains, and welcome to the Phoenix Starworks Academy! Today, we will discuss how to make the most out of your newly acquired Taurus LT capital vessel. With its broad wing area, the Taurus LT can serve as a limited carrier, capable of accommodating smaller ships and even some heavy vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at the features and upgrade options available on this remarkable vessel.

The hangar area provides flexibility for upgrades, including generator shields or a combination of different enhancements. Additionally, the production area can support an advanced constructor or deconstructor once the small constructor has been removed. For your convenience, the hangar also features a full medical suite to take care of any injuries or health issues.

The Taurus LT comes equipped with two hydroponic units, allowing for the cultivation of crops to sustain yourself in the vastness of space. Additionally, it has an auxiliary engineering room where you can install a shield for added protection. Please note that the ship does not come standard with a shield, so it’s crucial to prioritize its placement to safeguard your investment.

As for CPU capacity, the Taurus LT includes ample space to accommodate up to 94 for Reforged Eden or 104 for vanilla configurations. It also features a forward deployment ramp for easy access both at the front and the back of the ship. While the front section does not have a full medical suite, it includes a healing station and a locker for your storage needs. The cockpit area features a ladder leading to the flight deck, which doubles as a drone hatch. Additionally, it offers a cozy corner area serving as your kitchen, fridge, and sleeping quarters, especially for those playing in a single-player mode.

Having explored the ship’s layout, let’s now delve into the upgrade options. First and foremost, it’s essential to install a shield to protect your investment. After that, consider upgrading the ship’s thrust to enhance its storage capacity. The Taurus LT offers substantial storage options, with Reforged Eden players enjoying up to 117k storage and vanilla players having access to 1104 storage. For Reforged Eden players, upgrading to large thrusters or advanced thrusters is recommended, while vanilla players can opt for large thrusters. Your goal is to remove blocks leading up to the break point indicated by a circle with an X, allowing the installation of the desired thrusters.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to upgrade the ship’s mounting and turret options. By identifying the white lines as entry points, you can mount weapons along the designated area. Remember to remove blocks to reach the break point, indicated by an X, and consider removing antennas for additional placement possibilities. With careful configuration, you can equip the ship with up to 10 guns or drills.

For additional firepower or energy generation, the ship’s bottom area offers space for turret placement or solar panel installations, especially in Reforged Eden configurations. Vanilla players can optimize their armament capabilities for ground combat with a suitable setup. It’s crucial to maintain the ship’s functionality while enhancing its capabilities.

Transitioning to the ship’s interior, you will encounter generator issues. It is essential to address these concerns and optimize generator placement to ensure a seamless power supply. With proper upgrades and adjustments, the Taurus LT can become a formidable asset in your journey through space.

Join me in this episode of Captain’s Academy as we explore the Phoenix Starworks Taurus LT capital vessel and its upgrade paths. Don’t miss out on the chance to optimize your ship for maximum efficiency and survivability. Subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitch for more exciting content and live streams. Let’s make your Taurus LT the ultimate vessel for interstellar adventures!

[Original video description: **In this episode of Captain’s Academy**, we showcase the Phoenix Starworks Taurus LT capital vessel, and many of the available upgrade paths.]

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In this episode of Captain’s Academy, we showcase the Phoenix Starworks Taurus LT capital vessel, and many of the available upgrade paths.

To see this and other builds come to life, check me out on Twitch twitch/lyfeforse

Game: Empyrion
Mod: Reforged Eden

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