“Enhancing Urban Intelligence with E13 – Shared Mobility and Electric Vehicles” – Insights by Michael Granoff

## Mobility Innovators Podcast: Michael Granoff on the Future of Mobility

In this episode of the Mobility Innovators Podcast, host Jaspal Singh talks with Michael Granoff, founder and Managing Director of Maniv Mobility. As a veteran venture capitalist, Granoff invests in startups that aim to revolutionize the mobility and technology industries. With more than $160 million raised so far and investments in over 37 startups, including Otonomo, bipi, Aurora labs, Revel, Turo, Upstream Security, and Ridecell, Granoff offers expert insights into the future of mobility.

### From Policy Advocate to Innovation

Noting the distortion in global transportation and its reliance on oil, Granoff co-founded and served on the board of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), a Washington, DC-based policy and advocacy organization. In pursuing the goal of breaking the monopoly of oil and transportation, Granoff became convinced that electricity was the only way forward. He further concluded that electric transportation, particularly in light-duty ground transportation, was inevitable due to the trajectory of energy storage costs.

After many successful years advocating for progress, Granoff shifted his focus to venture capital and the startup ecosystem. He founded Maniv Mobility, a Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm dedicated to supporting and investing in mobility startups that can benefit the planet and its people.

### Key Takeaways

During the podcast, Granoff and Singh discuss a range of issues. These include the future of mobility, the autonomous vehicle landscape, battery technologies, vehicle cybersecurity, and building a pitch deck. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

– The future of mobility is likely to involve a combination of electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles.
– There is still ongoing debate between the LiDAR vs. camera-based sensing approach to autonomous mobility.
– Hydrogen vs. electric vehicles is a hotly debated topic in the mobility industry.
– Vehicle cybersecurity is a significant concern for public transport and mobility sectors.
– An effective pitch deck for a mobility startup should focus on the problem being solved, the market opportunity, and the team’s capability to execute on the solution.
– A venture capital firm can add the most significant value to its portfolio companies by providing strategic and operational support.

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Guest: Michael Granoff is the founder and Managing Director of Maniv Mobility, a Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm that invests in startups that aim at revolutionizing the #mobility and #technology industries. #ManivMobility has raised around $160 million so far and has invested in more than 37 startups. Some of the notable investments include Otonomo, bipi, Aurora labs, Revel, Turo, Upstream Security, Ridecell etc. Mike is also a founding board member of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), a Washington, DC-based policy and advocacy organization. He also serves on the boards of many #mobility #startups.

00:00 Introduction
02:06 About Michael Granoff and Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE)
08:18 About #ManivMobility and its mission
14:14 #TelAviv #Startups Ecosystem – How to foster Innovation?
17:50 Future of Mobility – #ElectricVehicles or Autonomous or Connected or All
24:22 #Autonomousmobility – LiDAR vs. camera-based sensing approach
28:26 #Electricvehicles Vs. #Hydrogen or #fuelcell vehicles
30:58 #Battery technologies – How to build a next-generation #batterytech startup
33:53 #Cybersecurity threats to mobility and #publictransport sector
37:16 Mobility startup – How to build a pitch deck?
42:11 #VentureCapitalfirm – How to add value to portfolio companies?
46:10 Funding Winter is Coming – Key lessons for founders

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