Elon Musk, Twitter’s New CEO, to Step Down and Take Up Role as Executive Chairman and CTO

## **Title**: Elon Musk Announces New CEO for Twitter, Reveals Major Company Restructuring

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Elon Musk, the tech billionaire and entrepreneur, has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding the future of Twitter in a recent video conference. Musk revealed that a new CEO has been appointed to lead the microblogging platform, now known as X Corp. A highly anticipated decision, this revelation comes after Musk himself served as Twitter’s CEO since acquiring the company last year.

While the new CEO’s identity remains undisclosed, Musk highlighted the significance of this strategic move, stating that the leading woman will assume her role in just six weeks. With Musk transitioning into the role of Twitter’s executive chairman and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), this drastic company restructuring aims to revolutionize the platform’s direction and further enhance user experience.

Watch the video to gain valuable insights into the future of Twitter, collective speculation on the new CEO’s identity, and Musk’s perspectives on his shifting responsibilities within the company.

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Twitter will have a new CEO! Elon Musk said he has found a new CEO for Twitter, or X Corp. as it’s now called. Musk did not reveal the name of the woman, but said she will start working with the microblogging site in six weeks. Since Musk bought Twitter last year, he has been managing the team as the CEO of the company. Musk said he will now be Twitter’s executive chairman and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Watch the video to know more

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