Elite Fraudster Alan Todd May Discovered Residing Lavishly in the Sunshine State

**Title: Career Fraudster Captured After Escaping Federal Prison in Colorado**

Federal officials capture career fraudster who had escaped a federal prison in Colorado five years ago while moving into a luxurious house on Florida’s Gold Coast.

**Arrest of Alan Todd May**

Federal marshals arrest Alan Todd May, 58, at a $1.5 million house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. May was wearing a Rolex watch and driving a high-end Mercedes at the time of his arrest.

**Anonymous Tipster Leads Authorities to May**

Authorities apprehend May after an anonymous tipster recognizes him from a photo published on the Palm Beach Daily News website. May had been living under the name “Jacob Turner” and was not discreet about his presence in high society.

**May’s Lavish Lifestyle in Florida**

May had been living a lavish lifestyle in southern Florida, flaunting his wealth in high society events. His extravagant spending habits brought attention to him.

**May’s Criminal Background**

May has a long history of convictions dating back to 1983 for offenses such as bad checks, credit card abuse, theft, and fraud.

**May’s Escaped from Colorado Federal Prison**

May was serving a 20-year prison sentence in Colorado for mail fraud related to a $7 million Ponzi scheme. In December 2018, he escaped from a federal lockup in Englewood, Colorado, after stealing a U.S. Bureau of Prisons truck.

**May’s Additional Crimes During Escape**

While on the run, May managed to steal an additional $700,000 through fraudulent documents and by pilfering unclaimed oil and gas royalties that were owed to various companies.

**Escapes from Federal Prisons in the U.S.**

May is one of many individuals who have escaped from federal prisons in recent years. The federal Bureau of Prisons has faced challenges with prison security, including unlocked doors, broken security cameras, and delayed inmate discovery.

**Investigation and Capture of May**

May remained at large for 3 1/2 years before being captured. The U.S. Marshals Service launched a nationwide search and offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. Tips from various states ultimately led to May’s identification through a published photo from a charity event. Investigators tracked him to a new address in Fort Lauderdale, where he was apprehended.

**Investigation Continues into May’s Accomplices and Finances**

Authorities are focused on determining if May had assistance while on the run, as well as the source of his wealth. Investigators are examining whether May victimized others during his escape.

**May’s Attendance at Fundraiser Raises Questions**

May’s attendance at a fundraiser for a suicide hotline group is being investigated, with authorities seeking information from the event organizers. The man pictured with May declined to provide a comment when approached by the Associated Press.

**May’s Alias and LinkedIn**

May had been using the alias “Jacob Turner” and had a LinkedIn page claiming he was a certified mediator in Palm Beach. It was discovered that May had completed a mediation class while in prison.

In conclusion, career fraudster Alan Todd May’s escape from a federal prison in Colorado ended when federal marshals captured him in Florida. May’s lavish lifestyle and lack of discretion ultimately led to his identification and arrest. The investigation continues into May’s possible accomplices and the source of his wealth.

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