A Discussion on Sustainability in VC: Insights from Elodie Broad (Balderton Capital) and Expert Kristine Nagle

**Title: “Exploring Sustainability in Venture Capital: Impact, ESG Strategies, and Greenwashing”**

In this insightful conversation, interviews sustainability advisor Kristine Nagle and Elodie Broad, Head of Impact and ESG at Balderton Capital. Join us as we delve into the meaning of “sustainability in VC” and whether “greenwashing” exists in the industry. We also discuss how investment firms can effectively implement ESG strategies within their organizations and with their portfolio companies.

Watch the full video to gain valuable insights into the role of venture capital firms in shaping the future of sustainability and how they are incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decisions and business activities.

Key topics covered:
– The significance of VCs in driving technological advancements and societal change
– VC firms requiring startups to embed ESG considerations into their business activities
– Balderton Capital’s sustainable future goals and their alignment with the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)
– Elodie Broad’s role in leading the impact and ESG agenda at Balderton Capital
– The three axes of impact identified by Balderton and their implementation strategies
– How venture capital firms can work collectively to create a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem

Learn from sustainability experts Kristine Nagle and Elodie Broad as they discuss best practices, regulatory expectations, and the changing landscape of sustainability in the VC industry. Gain valuable insights and guidance on building sustainable strategies for smaller VC funds as well.

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**Keywords/Tags**: sustainability in VC, venture capital, impact investing, ESG strategies, greenwashing, investment firms, startups, technological advancements, sustainability goals, UN SDGs, inclusive ecosystem, regulatory expectations, best practices.

– [](
– [Balderton Capital](
– [United Nations Sustainable Development Goals]( caught up with sustainability advisor Kristine Nagle and Elodie Broad, the recently appointed Head of Impact and ESG at Balderton Capital, to have a chat about what ‘sustainability in VC’ actually means, whether ‘greenwashing’ is a thing in that industry as well, and how investment firms can (should?) approach the implementation of ESG strategies internally and with their portfolio companies.

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