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How Much Does Giving Birth Cost in the US?

Giving birth can be a significant expense for many Americans. The cost of childbirth varies depending on where you live, and many factors contribute to the final cost. In this article, we’ll explore the average cost of giving birth in the United States.

The National Median Cost for Giving Birth

According to FAIR Health’s Cost of Giving Birth Tracker, the national median allowed value for in-network vaginal delivery is $12,968.44, which covers the cost of pharmacy, nursery, labor and delivery room, medical and surgical supplies, and room and board for the mother. On the other hand, the median allowed value for in-network C-section is $15,555.61.

Cost of Giving Birth by State

The cost of giving birth can vary widely by state. FAIR Health reports that Alaska has the highest median allowed in-network amount for vaginal deliveries at $21,525.77, followed closely by New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Meanwhile, the state with the lowest median allowed in-network cost for vaginal deliveries is Alabama at $7,840.62, followed by Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

For C-sections, the highest median allowed in-network amount is also found in Alaska at $25,518.63, while Alabama has the lowest at $8,913.31.

The Impact of Student Debt on Birth Rates

As student loan debt continues to rise, many Americans are choosing to delay or forego starting families. A 2015 study showed that women with $60,000 in student debt were 42% less likely to have children than their non-indebted peers. This trend has contributed to an aging population and a smaller workforce in years to come.

Economic Trade-Offs for Starting a Family

The cost of childbirth is so high that many Americans are forced to make difficult economic decisions. Sociologist Arielle Kuperberg explains, “It’s increasingly become an economic situation where you can have one thing, but not all the things. Family, economic security, a college degree, or not a lot of debt—you can only get one or two of those.”


Giving birth is a significant financial expense for many Americans, and the cost can vary depending on where you live. As student loan debt continues to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many Americans to afford starting a family. Nevertheless, there are resources and options available to help make childbirth more affordable and accessible.

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