Discover the Cold Hard Reality: Lucrative Career Paths Post-IIT with Akash Banerjee

**YouTube Video Description – “The Reality of IIT Placements: Are Pure Science Graduates Left Without Jobs?”**

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For decades, cracking the IIT exam has been the ultimate middle-class aspiration – a ticket to professional success, social recognition, and financial security. However, recent data and reports suggest that the dynamics of IIT placements and opportunities have been changing. In this deep dive, we examine the reality of IIT graduates’ job prospects, including the challenges faced by pure science graduates and the reasons behind their unemployment.

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– Writer: Akash
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– Editor: Tushar & Khursheed
– Associate Producer: Sahil Likhar
– Producer: Avishrant

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For many, cracking the IIT exam has been a childhood dream. It signifies professional success, financial stability, and societal recognition. However, recent reports suggest that the reality of IIT and the opportunities it unlocks have been changing. In this episode, we delve deep into the job prospects of IIT graduates and uncover why pure science IIT graduates are facing unemployment at the end of the placement season.

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– Writer: Akash
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– Associate Producer: Sahil Likhar
– Producer: Avishrant

*Keywords: Akash Banerjee, The Deshbhakt, IIT placements, IIT salary packages, reality of IIT, unemployability in India, jobs after IIT, IIT graduates, pure science, job prospects, Maheshwer Peri, Devina Sengupta, career insights, job market, education in India.*

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For decades it has been the ultimate middle class aspiration – that kids crack IIT – because that means unlocking social / economic and even marital happiness. However of late – the entire dynamics of IIT and the opportunities that it unlocks – has been changing. In this deep dive we take a look at how much IIT graduates are being offered (besides the few crore plus offers) and why are pure science IIT graduates finding themselves without a job at the end of the placement season.

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Akash Banerjee

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Credits :
Writer : Akash
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Editor : Tushar & Khursheed
Associate Producer: Sahil Likhar
Producer : Avishrant

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  1. Making an episode about an Institute that you respect is not easy – tried to stick to hard data – that shows a worrying trend. Really touched with so many IIT alumni reaching out that sharing their story and the fact that too much is expected out of a IIT Graduate.
    Hope this episode helps in a little way.

    Though not many – did manage to draw a few smart comments that enquired about my educational qualifications … not that it matters – but here goes:)))))

    Schooling – La Martiniere College
    Graduation – Hindu College
    Masters – St.Stephens
    MSc – Got admission into Boston University (but dad didn't have 40+ lakh to spare:)))

    Had the privilege of studying in the best school / colleges of India – But had to work my butt off in the media sector – no godfather – no alumni support – just kept up-skilling and learning on the job.

  2. I am a Btech student at IIT Madras, and for the JEE Aspirants watching this video, I just want to tell that there is no need to get scared seeing this, atleast for Btech students, placements and internships are pretty descent. Idk about the stats shows here but I haven't seen any of my seniors unemployed after placement season. Most of the people who dont get jobs usually are going for higher studies, startups and hence are not sitting for placements, or even if they sit they dont give tests. Also research opportunities are abundant, if you maintain a descent cg you can easily go for MITACS, canada or DAAD europe. and the branches like EP and OE give one of the highest median and overall packages. Believe me placement is just a tip of iceberg, idk about foreign universities, but going to IIT(any branch, as long as you are not aspiring for core) will be best decision of your life.

  3. ये Lord Macaulay का education system हमे नौकरी के लिए भिखारी बनाता है, IIT भी उसीका अंग है। नौकर बनने के लिए इतनी मेहनत, तरस अता है ऐसी सोच पर🙏

  4. This is an example how people can be easily manipulated.
    Preparing for an IIT or AIIMS is far more better than scrolling on Instagram or chasing girls at your golden age. People think that IIT is about money. No it's about learning how to do hardwork and stay focused on your task. If you think that you can upskill yourself or can get high paying in any other sector without hardwork even in content creation than you are wrong most of the students after getting to IIT they think now we are secure and stop upgrading themselves this is the reason why they don't get high placement there is no cons in IIT its about students who get relaxed and start using social media.
    Doing nothing will never pay. Even thi is applied for you dear. you needed to do the hardwork to get millions of subscribers and if I come and say that there is lots of competition on YouTube and you should not work because even there are people who put there day and night on YouTube and they earn thousands only. These words didn't worth it. Right !!

  5. Dear aakash sir
    Many flaws in your video which I would like to point out and would like your explanation on that.
    Yesterday I cracked the Jee advanced exam with a "good" rank and would be joining electrical engineering in an IIT.
    1) Talking about the employment ratio of IIT graduates, IIT's are not 'employee creating machines' like you tried to portray in the video,apart from placements many students in the institute also apply for masters degree abroad in reputed institutions, many of them also own a startup(iit'an startups are mostly successful btw), also many of them also prepare for competitive examinations like GATE and many join the Government services ( Civil services for eg). All this data was simply missing and hence misleading in the video.

    2) Who can deny that colleges are also for having fun and making memories with friends, same is true for IIT's too. All these IIT'ans had once cracked one of the toughest exams on the face of the planet and that too for high schoolars, and most of them(even me) were hearing the same thing, "IIT crack kar le life set hai". After 2 years of working our ass off who doesn't feel like having fun, most of us do. After this many people keep having fun and some are serious for their studies. Remember that hardwork has not substitute not even a top notch iit is a substitute for hardwork. The low average packages of 7-10 lakhs are mostly for these incompetent people who didn't work hard when they should have while the hardworking students got what they deserved. IIT's provides you a great platform and an upper edge over the students of other universities, now its upon the students to make use of that environment.

    3) I know 3 IIT'ans in my immediate family and with none of them i feel that they lack social and communication skills. Infact the culture of IIT's is such that they promote the upbringing of individual personalities, for this they have various societies where students can participate.

    Would love to hear your clarification on the above points

  6. They are renaming world class names BHU, Roorke to IIT. Why this backward obsession. In developed and sensible countries, each university stand on its name. Even here the class mentality to name everything as IIT and treating rest as second class. Its the mentality of the people reflected here.

  7. 😂 Nice brain washing it is the fact that none hardworking and deserving candidates in cse or air1 -100 are not enjoying only the fact that you are not one so what let's mislead. to those who think of sui*cde are useless bcz of less marks not hardworking in every case . If you are hardworking iitain good rank ni tension bcz in a race there are always loosers

  8. As an undergraduate in electrical & electronic engineering from New Delhi, I am very happy to be going to study abroad for my masters. Core engineering (“real” engineering skills, as Beautifully explained by Him in the video) were neither taught to me by professors properly and nor did my own efforts were ever acknowledged by my professors, here.
    Also, the job market here is terrible, I was more than surprised to know when some foreign universities not only offered me admittance to their courses but also, offered fellowship scholarships (that worth more than the highest package offered in my batch) while those same projects and resume were not worthy of a basic “IT” job here.

  9. The main culprit is the hyped news about packages in IIT's. And every tom dick & harry wants to join IIT and end up in some coaching institute paying hefty fees. These salary package news are just fuel for coaching institutes.
    A student who brilliantly solves complex physics & chemistry problems ends up taking computer science because of package .

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