Controversial ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ Protest Anthem Disappears from iTunes

**Title: Hong Kong Protest Anthem “Glory to Hong Kong” Disappears from iTunes Amid Government Ban Attempt**

**Popular Hong Kong Protest Anthem Vanishes from iTunes**

A week after reaching the top of Apple’s iTunes chart, various versions of the Hong Kong protest anthem, “Glory to Hong Kong,” have become unsearchable on the platform. This follows efforts by the Hong Kong government to outlaw the song in the city’s courts. The album featuring tracks from “Glory to Hong Kong” gained immense popularity after the justice department announced plans to seek an injunction to ban the song, dominating the local iTunes charts.

**Disappearance of “Glory to Hong Kong” on iTunes**

By Wednesday, the tracks posted by “ThomasDGX & HongKongers,” believed to be the song’s composer, were no longer accessible on iTunes. However, a version of “Glory to Hong Kong” by Taiwanese band The Chairman remained available. This significant development was first reported by the South China Morning Post.

**Government’s Call for Opposition**

Coinciding with the track’s disappearance, the government released a statement urging individuals who disagreed with the proposed ban to come forward and voice their opposition.

**Response from Apple and “ThomasDGX & HongKongers”**

Despite requests for comments, both Apple and the creator of a YouTube page and independent website for “ThomasDGX & HongKongers” did not respond.

**Interim Injunction Hearing and Internet Company Operations in Hong Kong**

A Hong Kong judge adjourned a hearing on Monday regarding the justice department’s application for an interim injunction to declare it illegal for anyone with criminal intent to perform or broadcast “Glory to Hong Kong,” including its lyrics and melody. The injunction refers to 32 videos of the song currently available on YouTube. This hearing is being closely watched as a test case to determine how internet companies will navigate Hong Kong’s regulatory landscape, particularly in light of authorities cracking down on dissent using a national security law passed in June 2020.

**Controversy Surrounding “Glory to Hong Kong”**

“Glory to Hong Kong” gained heightened attention last year when it was mistakenly played at various international sporting events, sparking controversy within the city’s government. The song has been incorrectly listed as Hong Kong’s national anthem in Google searches, with Google parent company Alphabet Inc. refusing to make the necessary correction to identify China’s “March of the Volunteers” as the national anthem.

**Availability of “Glory to Hong Kong” on Other Platforms**

As of Wednesday, versions of the song by “ThomasDGX & HongKongers” were still accessible on other streaming platforms such as Inc., iHeart, and SoundCloud.

**Response from Other Streaming Platforms**

Representatives from Amazon and SoundCloud have not provided immediate comments regarding the availability of “Glory to Hong Kong” on their platforms. Similarly, iHeart has not issued a statement, while Google declined to comment.

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