Critics Sting Snapchat’s AI Chatbot with Heavy Criticism

**Title:** Snapchat AI Chatbot “My AI” Receives Mixed Reviews | Tech News Update

Since its release to general users, Snapchat’s AI chatbot “My AI” has been stirring up mixed reactions within the tech community. Initially available only to paid subscribers, this innovative feature has faced criticism for providing inaccurate and often amusing responses. Many users took to Twitter to share their experiences, highlighting the bot’s funny yet unreliable answers.

Apart from concerns about accuracy, the issue of personal privacy has also been raised by users. Snapchat claims that their AI chatbot does not access users’ personal information, but troublingly, “My AI” accurately revealed the birth dates of several individuals. With these conflicting claims, it’s essential for users to be mindful of their data privacy when interacting with the Snapchat AI chatbot.

It is important to note that this AI chatbot is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a subsidiary of the renowned tech company OpenAI[^1^]. While the introduction of AI chatbots like “My AI” brings exciting opportunities for communication, it’s crucial for users to weigh the benefits against potential privacy concerns and the reliability of the information provided.

Whether you’re interested in the latest tech news, business updates, or startup developments, this video provides valuable insights into Snapchat’s AI chatbot “My AI” and its impact on the tech industry. Stay informed and join the discussion!

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It has been days since Snapchat released its AI chatbot “My AI” to general users, after initially being available only for paid subscribers.However, My AI isn’t getting much positive reviews from users.

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