Clifford Fire Alert: Mobile Home Engulfed in Flames on First St., Herrick Township

**Title:** Clifford Fire Dispatch Audio | Susquehanna County, PA Emergency Services (911 Call) | Fire Calls & EMS Alerts



Listen to the intense Emergency Services / Fire Department Dispatch Scanner Audio in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. This video captures the real-time communication between the dispatchers and the responders during a fire incident in Clifford, PA.

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Foreign for your engine and tanker Clifford fire for your ladder tanker and Rescue respond 3939 First Street Herod Township that little Lake for mobile home on fire [Applause] for your engine and tanker super fire for your ladder tanker and rescue respond 39 First Street in Harris Township at Lowell Lake for a mobile Home on fire unknown if people are inside operates on fireground one lasters operates the landfire Ops W hero 28 1810.


0:00 Introduction
0:16 Emergency Services Dispatch in Susquehanna County, PA
0:42 Real-time scanner audio during a fire incident in Clifford, PA
1:25 Location and nature of the emergency
2:00 Responders being called to the scene
2:45 Fireground communication between responders
3:17 Updates on the situation
3:45 Conclusion

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Find more scanner audio recordings and reports like this at []( Stay updated with the latest emergency service alerts and incidents in the NY area.

For more information about the Susquehanna County Fire Department and their services, visit their official website [here](

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