Fire Breaks Out at First St., Herrick Township Mobile Home

**Pleasant Mount Fire and EMS in PA Susquehanna – Emergency Services Dispatch** 🚒🚑🔥

Experience the intense audio dispatch scanner of the renowned Pleasant Mount Fire and EMS in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. This exhilarating footage captures the heroic efforts of local firefighters and emergency medical services as they respond to fire calls in the area.

Listen in as the Silver Lake EMS Fire Alerts provide real-time updates on the latest incidents, utilizing the advanced technology of Firewire (Fire Wire). Stay on top of the action with this immersive police scanner radio experience.

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**Timestamped Highlights:**

00:00 – Introduction and dispatch call
01:32 – Urgent call for engine and tanker support
03:49 – Mobile home fire alert with unknown occupants
05:12 – Fireground operation updates and strategies

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– [Susquehanna County Fire and EMS](
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