Pharaoh: A New Era (Difficult) – Unveiling Cleopatra’s Capital – Mission 1: Alexandria #1

Welcome back to Pharaoh: A New Era, a city builder set in ancient Egypt! In this video, we will be entering the last phase of the campaign – Cleopatra’s part, specifically in Alexandria, the capital. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities of building a prosperous city in this historic setting.

As the trusted overseer of the project, it is your responsibility to quickly build port facilities and establish lucrative trade routes. The city’s success relies on a thriving economy, strong military, and rich cultural heritage. Be wary of roaming vandals who seek to rob Egypt of its wealth.

The video provides a full transcript of the gameplay, showcasing the strategic decisions and actions taken to develop the city. From farming and fishing to trade and military preparations, every aspect of city-building is covered. Follow along as we navigate challenges in resource management, population growth, and building the necessary infrastructure.

You’ll witness the construction of key structures like the mausoleum and temples that honor the gods. Learn about the importance of maintaining the happiness of the people and the role of water supply and hygiene in the city’s development.

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Remember, your success as the city’s first man depends on your ability to balance economic growth, military defense, and cultural preservation. Will you be able to fulfill the great Alexander’s vision and create a magnificent capital city? Watch the video now and embark on this exciting journey in Pharaoh: A New Era!

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Pharaoh : A New Era -city builder set in ancient Egypt

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