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# **Podcast with Fabian Tausch: Insights from Successful Start-Up Founders in Germany**

![Unicorn Bakery Podcast](

At the age of 19, Fabian Tausch embarked on a journey to interview the most successful start-up founders in Germany through his podcast. His dedication and passion led him to be recognized by Forbes, landing him a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020[^1^].

Over the years, his podcast has grown to become one of the largest in Germany, focusing on the entrepreneurship category. Tausch covers a wide range of topics related to business, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design[^2^].

In this podcast, you’ll gain valuable business insights, learnings, and tips on starting your own venture and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Tausch delves into various aspects such as finding mentors, starting a start-up, securing funding, and connecting with potential investors[^3^].

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or looking to gain knowledge on the start-up world, this podcast offers a wealth of information and inspiration from the experiences of accomplished start-up founders[^4^].

Subscribe to the Unicorn Bakery podcast and join Fabian Tausch as he uncovers the secrets to success in the business world.

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Hier kannst du den Podcast auf deinem Lieblingsplayer hören:
Über Fabian Tausch:
Mit 19 Jahren startete Fabian Tausch einen Podcast für Startup Gründer, in dem er die erfolgreichsten Startup-Gründer Deutschlands interviewt. 2020 wird Fabian von Forbes auf die legendäre Forbes 30 under 30 Liste gesetzt.

Der Podcast wuchs über die Jahre zu einem der größten deutschen Podcasts in der Kategorie Entrepreneurship.

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