Billionaire Niel and Partners Collaborate on Rescue Plan for French Retailer Casino

**Title: Xavier Niel and Partners Working to Rescue Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA – Bloomberg News**

In this Bloomberg News video, billionaire Xavier Niel, along with two partners, shares their plan to rescue Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA after the collapse of talks with Teract SA. This global news report covers the latest efforts to boost Casino’s equity, adapt its debt to current capacities, and preserve its growth potential. The trio, including retail entrepreneur Moas Alexander Zori and banker Matthew Pagase, announced their strategy on Thursday. Be informed about the exclusive discussions, potential partnerships, and proposed injection of fresh capital that could transform the future of this struggling French retailer.

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**Transcript of the Video:**

*I’m doing our Xavier Neil and two partners are working on a plan to rescue uh Casino Kishore parakin essay after talks between the French retailer to you interact essay collapsed meal retail entrepreneur moas Alexander Zori and Banker Matthew pagase are working to boost casinos equity and to the extent*

Necessary adapt its existing debt to its current capacities preserve its growth potential the trio said Thursday their announcement follows the end of exclusive discussions between casino and tarek whose shareholders include the three investors and French agricultural firm in Vivo post talks first reported by Bloomberg News in February unravel

After Casino began Port supervised negotiations with its creditors to seek to lower its indebtedness a process that can last several months and create uncertainty for potential partners first what’s more check businessman Daniel krtinski has since offered to inject fresh Capital into the alien grocer and take a controlling stake

The moves Mark the latest attempts to bolster the balance sheet at casino which has struggled to reduce debt levels despite billions of Euros in asset sales a kratinsky’s plan to inject 1.1 billion 1.2 billion dollars in the company is conditional on the amount of debt being reduced substantially

Proposal and Visions leaving the secured creditors unimpaired while offering Dev BuyBacks at deep discounts and some debt for Equity conversions for unsecured Predators Bloomberg reported earlier as part of its effort to cut debt casinos also agreed to sell stores with about 1.6 billion euros in annual sales to retail agreement Les mousse guitars

Which runs the inner large supermarket chain.

*Source: [Bloomberg](, [Reuters](*

Billionaire Xavier Niel and two partners are working on a plan to rescue Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA after talks between the French retailer and Teract SA collapsed.

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