Biden Deplores Predator-Like ‘Inferior’ Health Insurance Targeting Vulnerable Individuals

**President Biden’s New Initiatives to Reduce Healthcare Costs**

President Joe Biden recently unveiled a series of initiatives aimed at reducing healthcare costs. These initiatives include cracking down on “junk” insurance plans, preventing surprise medical bills, and addressing medical debt tied to credit cards. By implementing these measures, President Biden hopes to alleviate the burden on consumers and make healthcare more affordable.

**Crackdown on “Junk” Insurance Plans**

One of President Biden’s main focuses is eliminating “junk” insurance plans that take advantage of consumers. These plans, often short-term policies, can deny basic coverage and leave individuals without comprehensive healthcare options. The proposed rules aim to close loopholes that allow insurers to offer discriminatory coverage based on pre-existing conditions. President Biden emphasizes the need for fairness and rejects the idea of individuals being played for fools by these subpar insurance plans.

**Preventing Surprise Medical Bills**

Another area of concern that President Biden seeks to address is surprise medical bills. His administration has issued new guidance based on the No Surprises Act of 2020 to prevent customers from being charged additional fees when their care has been deemed out-of-network. Insurers will no longer be able to claim that provided care was not in network and force customers to pay more. Additionally, health plans will have to disclose any facility fees, which can often catch patients off guard as unexpected costs in their medical bills. President Biden decries these practices as scams that need to be eradicated.

**Reducing Medical Debt tied to Credit Cards**

To combat the issue of medical debt, President Biden is also focusing on credit cards and loans used specifically for healthcare expenses. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Treasury Department are seeking information on these third-party credit products that often come with high costs and interest charges. These financial burdens can discourage individuals in need of treatment from seeking the care they require. By addressing these credit products, President Biden hopes to alleviate the financial strain on individuals and make healthcare more accessible.

**Previous Efforts to Reduce Healthcare Costs**

President Biden’s new initiatives build upon previous measures aimed at reducing healthcare costs. One notable effort is allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs, which is expected to save older adults and Medicare beneficiaries an estimated $400 per year on their prescription drug costs by 2025. Additionally, a $35 monthly price cap on insulin for people in Medicare Part B has been implemented to ensure affordable access to vital medications.


President Biden’s new set of initiatives to reduce healthcare costs demonstrates his commitment to providing affordable and accessible healthcare for all Americans. By cracking down on “junk” insurance plans, preventing surprise medical bills, and addressing medical debt tied to credit cards, President Biden aims to alleviate the financial burden on individuals and make healthcare more equitable. With these measures in place, Americans can expect greater fairness and transparency in the healthcare system, ultimately leading to better outcomes for all.

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