STHLM TECH Meetup featuring J12 and Abra

### Video Title: STHLM TECH Meetup – The Rise of Bitcoin and NFTs, Unicorn Club Expands in Stockholm
#### A discussion on the current state of startups, investing, and emerging tech trends

Hey everyone, welcome back to another exciting episode of STHLM TECH Meetup! In this month’s meetup, we have a special focus on the recent surge of Bitcoin and the rise of NFTs. Joining us is Bill Barhydt, founder of Abra, a leading crypto-currency investment platform, who will share his expert insights on these developments.

Bill brings a wealth of experience, having worked with renowned institutions such as the CIA, NASA, and Goldman Sachs. He later joined Netscape, playing a pivotal role in telecom and Internet banking deals across Europe. After the AOL acquisition, Bill founded WebSentric and now leads Abra, an innovative platform in the crypto space.

In addition to Bill’s expertise, we’ll also be joined by J12 Ventures, a VC fund and angel network hybrid focused on the Nordics. They have an impressive portfolio of startups, including Airmee, Karma, and Insurello. We’ll be discussing their perspective on the startup ecosystem and the current investing landscape.

Don’t miss out on this exciting lineup! Join us on February 22nd as we dive deep into the world of startups, investing, and all things tech. Here’s the schedule for the event:

– 17:45: News update on recent tech happenings
– 18:00: Exclusive interview with Bill Barhydt on Bitcoin and NFTs
– 18:20: Insights from J12 Ventures on the startup ecosystem
– 18:35: Live pitches from 3 promising startups
– 19:30: Event concludes

Get ready to be informed and inspired by this engaging discussion. Mark your calendars and join us live at []( on February 22nd. Don’t forget to leave your comments and questions in the YouTube live chat!

For more information on the STHLM TECH Meetup community and upcoming events, visit our website: [](

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– [Bill Barhydt – LinkedIn](
– [Abra – Official Website](
– [J12 Ventures – Official Website](
– [Airmee – Official Website](
– [Karma – Official Website](
– [Insurello – Official Website](
– [STHLM TECH Meetup – Official Website](

STHLM TECH Meetup is Europe’s largest gathering of startups each month.

Well, 2021 is off to a crazy start. As you no doubt heard, a Reddit group challenged Wall Street and won, but not without some casualties. Where does it go from here?… We have the perfect expert to answer…

After working for the CIA, NASA and Goldman Sachs, Bill Barhydt joined Netscape working on telecom and Internet banking deals, mostly in Europe. After the AOL acquisition of Netscape, Bill founded WebSentric. Currently, he is the Founder of Abra, a leading crypto-currency investment platform.

Also joining is J12 Ventures, a VC fund and angel network hybrid focused on the Nordics, with portfolio companies such as Airmee, Karma, and Insurello.

Join us Feb 22 to discuss what’s happening in startups, investing, and all things tech

17:45 – News
18:00 – Abra Interview
18:20 – J12 Interview
18:35 – 3 Startup pitch J12 Live
19:30 – Finish

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