Asia MMA One Championship Asserts Our Inalienable Right to Victory in the United States

**Title: One Championship Plans to Expand Events in the U.S. and Expands Partnership with Amazon | CNBC**

Hua Fung Teh, the co-founder of One Championship, reveals their plans for exciting new developments in the mixed martial arts world. In this interview with CNBC, Teh discusses their successful expansion beyond Asia and their breakthrough in the U.S. market. He emphasizes their record-breaking event in Denver, Colorado, which showcased the organization’s immense potential in the U.S. Furthermore, Teh mentions the intention to hold more events in the U.S. next year, solidifying their presence in American soil. Additionally, he shares their ambitions to expand their partnership with the popular streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video.

Incorporating the element of martial arts’ global appeal, Teh remarks on the widespread practice and enjoyment of the sport by people worldwide. He cites examples of martial arts gyms, kickboxing schools, and dojos that can be found in cities like New York, London, and Doha. Teh highlights One Championship’s recognition of this international interest, prompting their expansion not only in the U.S., but also in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Furthermore, Teh discusses the extension of their partnership with Qatar Media City, an existing partner of One Championship. This collaboration builds upon a previous agreement signed last year, with the aim of bringing Live Events to Qatar. The partnership has allowed for deeper integration within the Qatari ecosystem, including ties with B in sports, a prominent sports broadcaster owned by Qatar. Additionally, Qatar Media city is involved in producing One Championship’s reality programming in Doha, including their own version of “The Apprentice” on Netflix. Teh hints at the possibility of holding their flagship event, known as the Crown Jewel, in Doha this year.

While the focus is currently on expanding into these lucrative markets, Teh acknowledges the ultimate goal of achieving profitability. He anticipates that within two to three years, One Championship will reach a profitable state. Despite the significant investments required for global expansion, Teh points to the positive trajectory of viewership and revenue, especially during the challenges posed by the pandemic. As the brand gains popularity and secures a devoted fan base, the operating leverage in the sports business becomes evident, allowing for further growth and success.

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Hua Fung Teh, co-founder of One Championship, says the mixed martial arts organization plans to hold more events in the U.S. next year and expand its partnership with streaming platform Amazon.

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