Navigating the Path to Exit: Amsterdam Capital House ’22 with Volta Ventures

## Roadmap to Exit: Maximizing Returns for Founders

Are you a founder? Do you want to ensure that you won’t be left with no money at the moment of exit? It’s crucial to keep an eye on your terms throughout your journey to exit. In this video, we will discuss why some shareholders of common stock don’t make any money during the exit process and how you can avoid this situation.

Join us on the 24th of March at 14:15 CET for the Roadmap to Exit panel, where we will dive deep into the exit process and explore the factors and stakeholders that influence it. Our panel consists of early and late-stage VCs, as well as experienced founders who have successfully navigated the exit journey. Here are some of our esteemed panelists:

– Sander Vonk | [Volta Ventures](
– Jolanda Degen | [DARWIN INVEST](
– Lorenzo Franzi | [Global Founders Capital](
– Marleen Evertsz | [Nxchange](
– Robert Verwaayen | [Keen Venture Partners](
– Natasha Jones | [Octopus Ventures](
– Ronald Kemmeren | [HPE Growth](

During the panel, we’ll cover a range of topics, including the priority rights of shareholders, the exit process itself, and the crucial stakeholders involved. Our experienced speakers will share their insights, strategies, and lessons learned, providing you with valuable knowledge to maximize returns during the exit phase.

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“We have a super interesting session today about the roadmap to exit… it is a topic every investor thinks about pretty much the first moment they have a conversation with a founder. The main reason why we wanted to have this panel is to create this awareness at early stage and also late stage founders and to highlight all the insights of the process and the stakeholders that affect your trajectory and your roadmap to exit.” – Volta Ventures

Join us for this live masterclass session and get prepared for a potential exit! Feel free to interact with our panelists by asking questions and participate in our interactive polls. Whether you’re an early-stage founder, late-stage founder, or simply interested in the topic, this discussion will provide valuable insights for your entrepreneurial journey.

Follow the link to watch the live session: [YouTube video link]

Source: [Volta Ventures](

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Let’s navigate the roadmap to exit together and maximize your returns as a founder!

🚨 Founders, did you know you could be left with no money at all at the moment of exit if you don’t keep an eye on your terms during your Roadmap to Exit!? 🚨 💸

How is it possible that those who owned common stock didn’t make any money one might ask?

The explanation: some shareholders have a priority right on any proceeds out of a sale, merger, or liquidation of the Company.

During the Roadmap to Exit panel on the 24th of March at 14:15 CET we will discuss the above, the exit process and the factors & stakeholders that influence it.

Get the insights from early stage VCs, Late stage VCs, and founders that have been part of the process:

Sander Vonk | Volta Ventures
Jolanda Degen | DARWIN INVEST
Lorenzo Franzi | Global Founders Capital,
Marleen Evertsz | Nxchange
Robert Verwaayen | Keen Venture Partners
Natasha Jones | Octopus Ventures
Ronald Kemmeren | HPE Growth

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