“Venture Capitalist Guillaume Fournier of Credo Ventures”

**Welcome to the European VC: Guillaume Fournier, Partner at Credo Ventures**

Welcome back to the European VC, the go-to podcast for all things related to European venture capital. In this episode, we are thrilled to have Guillaume Fournier, Partner at Credo Ventures, join us. Credo is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in Central Europe with a mission to identify and back the most interesting early-stage companies in the region, help them grow and expand to global markets, and achieve their objectives.

In this podcast, Guillaume shares his story about what brought him from London to Prague, including Credo’s founding story and the meaning behind its name. He also discusses how Credo builds strategic relationships and the role of strategic investor relationships. Additionally, he shares his thoughts on succession planning in venture capital.

**About Credo Ventures and Investing in European Capital**

Credo Ventures continues to believe in the early-stage potential of Central and Eastern Europe. Its fourth €75 million fund is focused on early-stage investments, primarily in diaspora-led and local VC funds in the CE region. Credo Ventures has facilitated over €1 billion in capital investments in companies such as Revolut, Vault, and Airbnb.

The European Union is a hotbed for innovation and business growth, with many VC firms competing for early-stage opportunities. Some of the keywords associated with this video are capital, Credo, EU, European, EUVC, Fournier, Guillaume, investing, investments, podcast, Spreaker, VC, venture, venture capital, and ventures.




Today we are happy to welcome Guillaume Fournier, partner at Credo Ventures, a venture capital company focused on early stage investments in Central Europe. His mission is to identify and back the most interesting early stage companies in the region, support them in their growth plans (including expansion to the U.S. and global markets) and help them to achieve their objectives.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– The founding story of Credo, what’s behind the name and what took Guillaume from London to Prague – and what’s made him so happy about that move

– Why Guillaume would rather spare on a deal that he ends up competing with than forego the honest conversations with fellow VCs

– How Guillaume thinks about building strategic VC relationships and the role of strategic LP investments

– All about how Guillaume thinks about succession planning in VC

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